Amber and Granger Smith: – The Lost Son:

Amber and Granger Smith: - The Lost Son:

In 2019, country star Granger Smith, 42, and his wife, Amber Smith, 40, lost their youngest son.River, in a tragic drowning accident in their home. The river was only three years old. They also had two older children, Lincoln and London, who were five and seven years old, respectively.

It’s now been three years since the incident, and on a podcast about grief, “Dear Media Meaning A Whole Life,” Amber recently opened up about her life today, not least about what it was like to tell her two other children that their little brother had died. It’s reports People.

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– very honest

In the podcast, Amber said that Lincoln and London, who are now eight and ten years old, witnessed the River accident.

– We had to be very honest from the start. We went home with the intention to be very honest…we told them that a river had been without oxygen for a long time. They did everything they could, but Bobby died. Then we let them process their feelings and told them that no matter how they felt…it was just fine, she says in the podcast.

The 40-year-old confirmed that she also allowed the children to see that she and Granger were sad. The couple also chose to share a lot of their experiences on social media.

There were so many times it wasn’t nice… I cried, screamed in the car, knocked on the steering wheel, I sat by his bed, held his blanket and cried until there were no more tears left. It was where I was and that’s what’s real, and I don’t think people are talking about it. I was just trying to show the reality of pain and sadness, which is not easy. It’s okay to feel those feelings… but you can’t stay there, you can’t be stuck in that place.

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– It’s weird to think of

Two years after Amber, Granger and their family lost River, they were able to welcome a new family member When the son was born Maverick (9 months).

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Amber describes him as a very cute and happy little kid, who brings a lot of joy into their lives.

However, the mother of four admits that there were some difficult moments in the weeks following the birth.

– I was so grateful to have Maverick and so full of joy, but also so sad that we didn’t have a Riv (River editor’s note). But then we wouldn’t have a Maverick if we didn’t lose Reeve. This is a strange thing to think about.

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