December 1, 2022


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Amudt will be the host: - He could be a cook

Amudt will be the host: – He could be a cook

The reason is that Julie Strømsvåg and Ørjan Bjørnstad, who usually lead the broadcast, cannot. Thus, Aamodt, who usually has an expert role, must solve the Norwegian people by what will happen in the first weekend in December.

– I’ll go in and try. It can be exciting. I spoke to Lasse Kjus, and he is likely to come as a guest. Then it can be “knoll and berries” in the studio. It could be a boil, Aamodt tells NTB.

The press was called on Thursday to find out what the winter sports season would look like on TV for the Norwegian people. Nent (Nordic Entertainment Group) owns Viaplay (a streaming service) and TV 3, most of which will be shown.


That Aamodt would try his hand as a program manager, he takes on crushing calm.

– I’m 50 and have a slightly more relaxed relationship than if I were to get rid of myself, so I introduce myself there. If you warm up well, listen to Julie a bit and get some advice, maybe we’ll talk about it.

If problems arise during the live broadcast, there is material known to the former alpine climber with four Olympic gold medals, among other things.

– We have good reporters, so we can go to them and get the weather report if it stops completely, laughs.

Good for stepping on the water

Television is fun when things are not going well. Then it can be fun, says Aamodt.

Aamodt has extensive experience of live broadcasting, including at NRK.

– I’ve been trained to walk in water, he says.

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Nent acquired the rights from NRK for cross-country skiing, skiing, combined alpine skiing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding for the next six years. In addition, the next two World Championships will be broadcast in the Nordic and Alpine branches of the Nent World.

They have also shown the World Cup on skates for two seasons already.

NRK and TV 2 share the rights to the World Cup races in Switzerland, Austria and Norway.