Measures, Tromsø | Recommendation on the use of face and home office masks and a corona meter in Tromsø

Measures, Tromsø |  Recommendation on the use of face and home office masks and a corona meter in Tromsø

Tromsø will not introduce new measures for Corona, but it did make several recommendations at its press conference on Thursday. Among other things, it is recommended to maintain a distance of one meter.

We encourage all adults to reduce the number of close contacts. This means that you reduce the number with which you communicate in your spare time, but rather meet the same people more often, said the head of infection control Trond Bratland at the press conference held by the municipality about the situation of Corona in Tromsø.

The municipality is also encouraging more home office use, maintaining greater distance from others in public places, and using face masks indoors where it is difficult to maintain a distance.

There is a risk that we will have to live with the measures over time. This means that we try to find the lowest level of metrics that have sufficient impact. Therefore, we begin with a few cautious measures and plan to increase if the measures turn out to be not having the necessary effect.

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– It only works if you follow

The advice is in addition to the current advice. The most important tip is to stay home if you are sick.

– Our infection trackers said many of those who tested positive for the virus had gone to work or school with symptoms in the previous days, Bratland said.

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He said vaccinated and unvaccinated people should stay home if they develop symptoms until they are healthy.

– We make recommendations, but they only work if they are followed, said Mayor Gunnar Wilhelmsen (Labour).

The councils were set up in collaboration with the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH), the Norwegian Directorate of Health, and following a dialogue with the University Hospital of Northern Norway (UNN) and the Director of State.

Must live with the measures for a longer period of time

The new recommendations come as a result of the recent high infection rates in Tromso. On Wednesday, a new infection record was set in the municipality with 59 new recorded infections. In addition, 16 people were crowned at UNN in Tromsø.

The spread of infection is not a problem in isolation, we should expect to live with this infection for many years to come.

But it spreads too quickly, Bratland said, leads to a number of problems and can have serious consequences.

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Municipalities get advice

Last week, Troms and Finnmark counties recorded the highest infection pressure. In total over the past two weeks, this has been 271 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Director of Administration Line Fuld at the National Institute of Public Health told NTB on Wednesday that they have been in continuous dialogue with Tromsø, Alta and other municipalities, as well as the Director of State and the Norwegian Directorate of Health, and that these municipalities are receiving advice on an ongoing basis.

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Nationally too, infection rates are rising. In the past 24 hours, 1,180 cases of corona were recorded in Norway.

And at 1 pm on Thursday, the government will hold its press conference on the situation of Corona in the country. Health Minister Ingfeld Kirkul (Labour) has already made it clear that national measures are now irrelevant.

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