Lazio Roma vs. AS Rom Advice, Diagnosis and Quote 12.11.2023

Lazio Roma vs.  AS Rom Advice, Diagnosis and Quote 12.11.2023

It’s time again, in the Italian capital, enjoy the capital derby programme. Lazio takes on Roma at home, and Giallorossi fans should also make friends with the number of people in the stadium. It’s a great derby, and it’s even better than Frage.


Lazio Roma vs. Forecast AS Rom der Buchmacher zeigt This is your favorite choice in Rome that. However, both teams are not far apart in terms of quality and form. So far, Lazio has been the only team to be based at the Konstanz Welt Centre.

Lazio Roma – AS Roma Quote | 3 most important tips

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The statistical lifespan of these duels is greatly extended, but the games played are often used with simple statistics. It can become a nerve-wracking game. Unser Lazio Roma vs. As part of the list, there is no room left and there are also 3.5 Tore Fallen.

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Italy Lazio Roma – statistics and current form

Lazio Rom has had an average season so far. Maurizio Sarri’s side took to the tenth pitch of the Spieltag in der Serie A. The multiple burden through the UEFA Champions League makes Laziali a bit of a Schaffen. This place is in Ordnung, but in this country there is nothing brilliant about it. Stutzen has been given the likes of Immobile, Luis Alberto and Hisay, but not every generation starts out, and the change after Milinković-Savic’s departure at Mittlefield has been significant.

Lazio Roma hopes that Roma can win the derby. City striker Maurizio Sarri has impressed with his side’s brilliance, with Davon saying Manchester United have a crusher on their way to the Champions League with Feyenoord as Roma qualify for the Europa League. Kunene Lazio Joan, while Roma Verlor, was not in these frames.

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But back to the derby: Lazio Roma vs. AS Rom Quoten der Buchmacher zeigen, dass Die Gäste as favorite to look at her. Formkurve diff hinges are an exact match. Victory at Königsklasse was indeed very important for Sarri-Elf, because the advance there seemed too late.

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Lazio Roma feels much better in their home country

In the current season of the Italian League, Lazio Roma suffered five defeats, but only one of them was at home. If the team had the same experience, it was definitely better. Defense dies with 13 midget players. Strip away everything that’s “burned” in the attack, and there are only 13 direct hits.

Wichtig war zuletzt, that after a difficult stage, four matches were contested in the local league victoriously. Fünf Siege gab is also partien. It’s naturally cute and it’s not all for Laziali, having become the trend in getting rich. With a derby win, Roma could also be overtaken, and that alone is incentive enough.

Given recent impressions, our diagnosis is based on the Lazio Roma vs AS Roma match Hausherren das Spiel is not played or below 3.5 Tore Fallen. Eine Übersicht über Buchmacher, die eine installation for Paypal anbieten, findet ihr bei Wettbasis!

Expected lineup of Lazio Roma:

Banned and banned players from Lazio Roma:

Lazio Roma’s previous matches:

Italy AS Rom – Statistics and current model

There are clubs from Hauptstadt-Gemensam, which sits as head coach on Trenbank. Jose Mourinho could be in the middle again in the match against Lazio and received a red card last time out. Yes, there is a lot of money behind the scenes with 0:2 bei Slavia Prag verlor and war darüber nicht besonders glücklich. This is why we are in the Ausrutscher, and the Roma world will pass.

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Also in the league. Four defeats had to be accepted by the Giallorossi thanks to Sean Instkin. Nach elf Partien gab is the core Siege game, and nothing else. This should be a positive customer especially for Roma’s Lazio, even if the derby is a very special match. Here we prepare Nuancen entscheiden.

However, Roma have done so so far – which is surprising for Mourinho’s club – Worst attack in the league. About Lukaku & Co. scheint es einigermassen zu laufen. The defensive backs are relentless, 14 players don’t have any flashy power, but they are not absolutes in Ordnung. 17 Punkte konne die Roma bisher einfahren, hat damit einen als der Stadtrivale auf dem Konto.

AS Rom wants to move up the league

Aktuell befinden sich die Giallorossi in der Liga in einer Verfolgerrolle. It’s too late to get started, so we don’t have anything to worry about. These items work regularly, nothing else. This Slavia has become a world leader for everyone with the help of Mittelfeld quickly nichts nach vorne. He then works on training the coach who is currently performing his role and is one of the best teams to lead.

Winning the derby would of course be a statement. Against a compact Lazio, it is important to avoid mistakes. This is the case with the Grund, warum vor dem Spiel Lazio Rom gegen AS Rom unser Value Tip lautet, dass Not next to treffen teams Become. To be able to bet on the road at any time and comfortably, Buchmacher Bet3000 offers a practical application!

Expected Aufstellung von AS Rom:

Verletzte and Gesperrte Spieler von AS Rom:

Previous AS Roma matches:

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Unser Lazio Roma – AS Roma TIP Cottenverglich 12.11.2023 – 1/X/2

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Lazio Roma – AS Rome Direct Vergleich / H2H-Bilanz

Lazio Roma and AS Roma meet in the 169th round of money. Bisher hat die Rote Seite der Stadt die Nase forn, gewann 61 Duelle. Lazio won Roma in 47 matches, and in the previous season the two teams won by a narrow margin of 1:0. What is the matter with Revanche?

Highlights statistics for Italy Lazio Roma vs AS Roma Italy

Wettbasis-Forecast & Italy Lazio Roma – AS Roma Italy Hint

Both have achieved some positive results in the past week, but are still reaching their maximum performance. Gastberg hopes Mourinho-Elf will go ahead and do his best to protect himself.

Key Facts – Lazio Roma vs. AS ROM TIP

  • Lazio won Roma in the last league match
  • Die Hausherren haben aber schon Five defeats Kashert
  • Roma is starting to attack on fire in La Liga

Weil Lazio is one of the most powerful and attacking teams, so congratulations are given to the Lazio Rum Rum with Rum Tip, like this This host has nothing to do with it and also 3.5 Tore has fallen.

Italy Lazio Roma vs. AS ROM Italy – Best Italian League quote


victory Lazio Rome: 3.00 @Bet365
Unentschieden: 3.22 @Tipwin
Italy victory AS ROM: 2.68 @interuiten

Stated possibility for Sieg Lazio Rome / Unentschieden / Sieg AS Rome:

Italy Lazio Roma – AS Roma Italy – Wettquoten * & More interesting Wetten im Überblick:

Uber/under 2.5 rip
Over 2.5 Rip: 2.35 @Bet365
Under 2.5 rip: 1.57 @Bet365

Meeting of the two teams
Yes: 1.95 @Bet365
Number: 1.80 @Bet365

Wetquoten platform: 10.11.2023, 11:04

Lazio Roma AS Roma Chart November 2023

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