– And that means it all, – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– And that means it all, – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– It means a lot, says Sophie Nordsven-Hostad to NRK after the win.

-It's Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve and everything at once. “It means a lot after spending so many years completely outside of it,” she continues..

Hustad was a super talent and caused chaos in the junior WC in Kazakhstan in 2015. There she won the relay with Tyrrell, Lotta Odnes Wong, Julie Mayer and others.

Today she crushed the competition when she took gold at NM ahead of Julie Bervig Drives. Silje Theodorsen received the bronze medal.

– She found herself. She is doing something completely different from others at the moment,” NRK cross-country expert Jan Post said of the race.

– Obviously, this means a huge amount. When you're going through adversity, getting better means more. And you will get paid for standing out in the storm and stomping for many years. Now she is finally experiencing a girl's dream and winning gold at NM, says NRK cross-country expert Therese Johaug.

And she herself was not sure if she would be able to return. But she told NRK that she always had confidence in herself. At the same time, she thanks her local club for the support:

– The whole Kjelsås gang was gold for me, Hustad tells NRK.

Back to Fossholm

Helen Marie Fussholm hasn't been to a single ski race in more than a year. But during NMV Beitostolen's comeback, they were crushed by their rivals, even without their biggest starting star.

Fosseholm was clearly nervous before the start, as he had not competed in any ski race since the Norwegian Cup in Åsen on February 19, 2023.

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– Breakfast today was absolutely terrible. So, when you vomit before eating breakfast, you know you're excited, Fussholm told NRK and noted that it's just a sign of health.

Vossholm started relatively modestly and was 17.1 seconds behind Julie Bervig Drives with 3.6 kilometers to go.

Almost the same time gap separated these two riders in the middle of the race, when the Drivenes team was still in front.

Fussholm eventually finished 10th in the comeback.

He was reprimanded by Yuhag

Therese Gohaug, who has been training a lot with Fossholm recently, said before the start that the Hoksund girl had found the joy and spark of the sport again.

But in a training session two days before New Mexico, Yohog simply struggled to hold up the slopes. She also had to point her finger when Vosholm's raw claw properties took over, according to Johog.

– In our last session, I was reprimanded, said the NRK cross-country expert before the start.

Therese Yohaug (4)

Therese Johaug, NRK cross-country skiing expert.

Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad/NRK

I continued:

– She ditches everything and drives almost like an alpine skier down Kitzbühel. It was icy and I finally found her on the slope. Then the index finger came out.

Gohugh also noted that Fossholm has few inhibitions. It set her apart as a cross-country runner. Because it is good both on slopes and in turns. Specifically there, it can outperform the competitor by several seconds, Goghog noted.

She has been struggling for over a year

Fussholm has not done a ski race since the Norwegian Cup in Åsen on 19 February 2023.

Because after a long period of hardship last fall, the 22-year-old took a break from all competitions.

The plan was to make her season debut during the Norwegian Cup in Nice at the beginning of February, but she had to stop due to illness.

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