And the “Worst Man in the World” got another award: – It’s warmer

And the "Worst Man in the World" got another award: - It's warmer

– I must say it’s too warm to get this in Norway. I have worked here all my life so far and have learned everything I can. This means a lot to me, actress Rinat Rainsvi tells NTB.

When the Film Critics Award was handed out in Oslo on Wednesday, she took home the Best Actress award for her lead role in the Academy Award-nominated film The Worst Man in the World. The film also won the same main prize.

– It’s pretty cool, says Reinsve.

Her life almost turned upside down after the film premiered in Cannes last summer, for which Renzvi also took home the Best Actor award.

Since then, the Norwegian film has been a cinematic success, receiving critical acclaim, awards and nominations at home and abroad.

Last year’s Film Critic’s Award for Best Picture went to Joachim Trier (left) for The Worst Man in the World. Renate Reinsve (right), won Best Actress for the same film. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB
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Now Reigns and the rest of the gang behind the movie are traveling around the world to promote it ahead of the Oscars in Hollywood on March 27.

Trier: – Additional Pillars

Director Joachim Trier, who was also honored with the main prize for the film “The Worst Man in the World”, believes that it is also wonderful to be praised by Norwegian critics.

– We think it’s cool. On one level or another, it is almost difficult to get honor here at home, in such a small environment. So we are very grateful. It’s not just that, he says.

– Are there a lot of angry people in the congregation?

– No no. Here I think the people were very generous. But you only get a little nervous when you grow up in such a country as Jantilov. But so far, I think we’ve received very good feedback. We have nothing to complain about, says Trier, who has also garnered rave reviews for his previous films.

Cinema is alive

In the building at the Engebret Café in Oslo, a number of Norwegian film critics sat down to watch the awards ceremony and eat sandwiches.

And Trier had a clear message for them in his thank-you letter, warning them not to think movie time was up and replacing it with streaming services.

He said, “Long live the cinema.”

Cinema long live, director Joachim Trier announced when he received the 2021 Film Critics Award for his film

Cinema long live, director Joachim Trier announced when he received the 2021 Film Critics’ Prize for “The Worst Man in the World.” Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB
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The professional award went to Sturla Brandth Grøvlen for the filming work on “The Innocents,” also directed by Eskil Vogt, the man who wrote with Trier the Academy Award-nominated screenplay for “The World’s Worst Man.”

Jury: – Pick up the sound of Oslo

Awards are awarded by the Norwegian Film Critics Association.

In justifying the main award, the jury wrote: “One of the first things that shocks the local audience when we see this year’s winning film is how well the director portrays the voice of Oslo.”

“This year’s award was given to a film that easily expresses deep seriousness. The film conveys at fingertips the frustration that having so many choices but not being able to decide on one of them can cause. How painful it is for others and for oneself to try to think of others in order to find one’s identity. to end up as one extra in one’s life,” it was reported.

– he was nervous

In justifying the Reinsve Award for Acting, the jury wrote that it was “exciting” to perform at such a high level in her first leading role in the film.

Actress Rinat Rinzvi is now traveling around the world to promote a movie

Actress Rinat Renzvi is now traveling around the world promoting the movie “The Worst Man in the World”. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB
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“I was so nervous because it was my first major role, but I’ve actually been doing it since I was nine,” she points out.

Reinsve believes that collaborating with director Joachim Trier is a good match, and that his way of working perfectly matches the actor you want.

– That’s so cool. A lot of the profits go to Eskil and Joachim who wrote a really great screenplay and a great role. This is teamwork, Reinsvi said in his thank-you letter and referred to screenwriters Joachim Trier and Eskil Vogt.

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