Andreas Hochland, TIX | Andreas “Tex” Haukeland unveils a wild construction project

On the eve of 2021, Andreas Hochland (29 years old), known to many under the stage name “Tex”, sold his luxury villa in Nærsnes in Asker for a profit of 8.5 million.

The “Sheikh” singer bought the villa in Askar in 2017, and vice versa look and hear He admitted that it was difficult to sell the house.

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It wasn’t an easy decision, because my home was my refuge, but the timing was now. I’ll be traveling a bit in the future and it’s time to move around a bit, as he told Weekly in January why he’s selling out.

Since then, Haukeland has been registered in an apartment in Bærum, but for Nettavisen he can now reveal big plans for where he will live in the future. He recently embarked on a major construction project.

I ordered a shower tray from China

Nettavisen meets the artist in connection with the season premiere of “Ikke lov å le på hytta” on VGTV, and while he admits he has big things going on during the day, he doesn’t want to reveal much. But the house – or “palace”, it will be.

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– I can’t say much about her, but you’ll see soon. But Tex builds houses, and it will be Tex’s food. It is moving forward. It started as a house, but soon became a “palace”. I have some construction projects going on, which he shares confidentially.

However, he can share some details with Nettavisen.

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It would be a very comfortable home for me. And it takes time, because it obviously takes a long time to order a custom-designed shower tray from China, says the artist, and continues:

– I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that, but if I could slide from the roof into the pool, it would be so much fun.

It should be a haven

On top of that, Haukeland says he wants more privacy in his new home than he did before, and confirms rumors that parts of his new home will be completely windowless.

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– There are a lot of people who want to greet me and wait for me, and it is often pleasant, but not exactly where I live. Because then it happens that people see something they don’t want to see, he says and adds:

I don’t like people looking at me when I’m naked. People appear every day in all the places where I have lived up to now, so this particular place will be my sanctuary where there are no people.

In conclusion, Tex apologizes for not sharing more details.

– I’m very secretive during the day, that’s not the point, that is. There are just a few things I can’t talk about, well, says “Tix” and I share with you a wish for the new home:

– What am I dreaming about in my dream house? girl.

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