Anger against Katy Perry after the election photo

Anger against Katy Perry after the election photo

There was a by-election on Tuesday in the USA and on that occasion many people shared posts on social media where they both showed that they had cast their votes and at the same time encouraged others to do the same. This also applies to celebrities.

Pop star Katy Perry, 38, is one of those who has done just that – and for which she is now receiving heavy criticism. It is written, among other things, by the Danes BT

In a photo that the artist posted on her Instagram account, from the voting booth, the 38-year-old shows that she is voting for billionaire Rick J. Caruso (63).

Under the photo, the star wrote that she’s voting for a number of reasons, especially “because Los Angeles is a mess right now.”

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Caruso was previously a Republican, but changed party affiliation in January and became a Democrat. Prior to that, he had demonstrated his support for Republican candidates for several years and is also said to have donated less than $1 million – the equivalent of NOK 10.2 million – to Senator Mitch McConnell and former President George W. Bush. Both are controversial because they support anti-abortion policies.

Perry’s vote caused a backlash from fans, with many raging against the “I Kissed a Girl” singer.

Comedian Travon Frye is one of those criticizing the 38-year-old has taken to Twitter to voice his opinion.

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“No matter how much the right wing tries to twist it, Katy Perry’s vote for Rick Caruso does not indicate anything other than a rich white woman voting for a fake Democrat. It will have no effect on her life, but rather exacerbate the lives of others.”

Another wrote “Katy Perry shares a vote call while she herself voted for Rick Caruso would be objectively funny if it wasn’t painfully stupid,” while a third expressed disappointment.

“I am extremely disappointed that Katy Perry is voting for Rick Caruso for mayor of Los Angeles.”

Falling off a chair: Katy Perry falls from her chair in a mermaid costume on American Idol. Video: American Idol
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Some also find it hard to believe what Perry actually shared.

“I can’t believe this is real.”

As criticism rains down on the songbird, she chose to close the comment field below the aforementioned post on Instagram.

Nor is it the first time she has told her fans about her political standing. In June, she tweeted “RICK CARUSO FTW (for victory, editor’s note)” and was also met with criticism at the time.

Perry has not yet commented on the storm of criticism.

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