Anna (21), soon-to-be qualified car painter: – Recommends the profession to other girls

Anna (21), soon-to-be qualified car painter: – Recommends the profession to other girls

Anna Rone Gasland (21) from Sortland is studying to become a car painter, and is doing her apprenticeship in Bilskade Vesterålen.

– I am a third-year student and in the final stage of the training period, before I obtain a professional certificate as a car painter, she says.

Here, Anna Rohn Gasland applies the first coat of primer to the hood.
picture: Morten Hagen

Recommends the profession to girls

Gasland enjoys the profession and recommends it to other girls interested in cars. She believes that girls have a huge advantage in the field of cars, at least when it comes to drawing.

– How are things going with the tasks you have for the competition?

– Things are going well, I started a little differently than others, but I have a plan, Gasland says and smiles.

She appears calm and experienced despite her young age, as she prepares the first coat of primer for the hood, which will eventually be painted.

The photographer joins the paint box when he applies the first coat of primer. When Gasland finished, she turned to the judges and said, It was perfect!

Sandra Sophie Milland Antonsen from the technical office in Sortland grinds the bonnet.
picture: Morten Hagen

Ramona Islin Antonsen from Bilbyen Skadesenter in Finnsnes grinds the front fender.
picture: Morten Hagen

– Automotive painting students have to solve many tasks within the damage, says General Manager Simen Høybakk at Stangnes Bilskade.

He explains that the students will draw the front fenders and the hood with different construction methods.

– They will be judged on basic work, color matching and paint look. As well as how to repair minor damages in the paint industry, Hoyback says.

Eline Småriseth and Erika Beddari are busy welding channels.
picture: Morten Hagen

Auto repair profession

The car wrecking profession is more than just painting, restoration is also a separate professional field with competition, here Eileen Smariseth (20) and Erika Bedari (19) from Harstad. They both work at Stangnes Bilskade on a daily basis, and really enjoy it.

“We are a little excited about how we will be judged, but we feel well prepared,” says Samariseth.

– What tasks were assigned to you in the competition?

– We were assigned three tasks: welding the channels with different welding methods, manufacturing the cars and covering the bumpers, says Al-Badari.

They both find the tasks they are given interesting and educational.

– We love the profession, and if you like working with your hands and have a little creativity, this is an ideal job, says Samariseth.

Trim Andriessen from the technical office Harstad and Erlend Thomassen from Nordic Last & Buss.
picture: Morten Hagen

Trim and Erlend of Harstad

Local heavy vehicle participants are Trym Andreassen from Teknisk Bureau Harstad and Erlend Thomassen from Nordic Last & Buss.

“This is good practice for us to test the material,” says Thomassen, a first-year learner.

They both think they should test themselves a little, and recognize a little of their competitive instinct.

“These are tasks that are relevant to us, and we deal with them point by point as we normally do,” Andreessen says.

They both look forward to the evaluation and feedback they receive after completing assignments.

Werner Olsen is one of the judges during this year's qualifying competition.
picture: Morten Hagen

Werner Olsen is one of the heavy vehicle referees. He believes that young people are smart and do well.

– Trainees will visit four workstations, and will be given 45 minutes at each workstation.

The specialist areas they will visit are: electrical, brakes, steering and pneumatics.

The tasks involve various checks, and everything must be documented.

Participants in the qualifying competition

Car painter:

  • Ramona Iselin Antonsen – Belbein SkidCentre Vincennes

  • Anna Rone Gasland – Westeralen car accident

  • Stian Engebrekten Vala – Nordvik Voske

  • Sandra Sophie Meilland Antonsen – Sortland Technical Office

Car breakdown:

Lightweight vehicles:

  • Wilhem Alexander Nygaard Ellisusen – Nordic Car Service

  • Emil Johansen – Soland Bardufoss

  • Iselin Selten Hansen – No Diesel

  • Andrej Melnyk Nordheim – Technical Office Tromsø

  • Anders Johansen Lochert – Boulder Workshop

  • William Jacobsen Skaton – Automotive Trend in Sortland

  • Bernhard Bertzen Eskilson – Technical Bureau Sortland

Heavy vehicles:

  • Johan Magnus Sørgaard Liling – Norwegian Scania Bardufoss

  • Nikita Novikonoks

  • Peter Heuer Kjawas – Norwegian Scania Tromsø

  • Kerry Midkjeld Andersen – Technical Office Tromsø

  • Trim Andersen – Technical Bureau Harstad

  • Erlend Thomassen – Nordic Freight and Bus Company

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