Appeared as a stalker in “Baby Reindeer”

Appeared as a stalker in “Baby Reindeer”

The woman will be the inspiration behind Martha Scott's stalker in the hit Netflix film. This week I sat down with TV personality Piers Morgan.

In the series, which is currently the most watched on Netflix globally, viewers are introduced to the character Martha Scott, a Scottish woman who becomes pathologically obsessed with bartender and comedian Richard Judd (33 years old).

It's what it's called “lurking”.

Gad wrote the script himself and also plays the lead role of Donnie Dunn.

“Richard Judd plays a fictionalized version of himself, through a character called Donnie Dunn.” Photo: Ed Miller/Netflix

The series is based on his own experiences, but the roles in the series are given fictional names.

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In an X post on Wednesday, popular TV host Piers Morgan announced that Martha Scott, who may be a “real-life stalker,” will be a guest on his show “Uncensored” to “clear the case” and “give her side.”

The interview was reported by many international media outlets.

The interview takes place shortly after Netflix threatened to file a lawsuit.

Actress Jessica Gunning stars as Martha Scott in the new fan favorite, Baby Reindeer, based on true stories. Photo: Ed Miller/Netflix

However, the woman is said to have responded after the interview.

She told the Daily Record that she was “not happy” with Morgan's question, and accused the presenter of being biased and “loving” the show's creator, Gad.

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– It's like I was cheated. “I feel a little spent,” she told the newspaper.

– I never went to prison

Earlier this week, the woman came forward as herself after being outed by fans who speculated about the character she was based on.

She told the Daily Record newspaper that she is considering filing a lawsuit against Netflix and JAD, and that the events of the series are “full of nonsense.”

Photo: Ed Miller/Netflix

– Gad must prove that I was in prison, which did not happen. I've never been to prison. She told the newspaper that the matter is clear.

– Everything is made up and exaggerated. There is no curfew anywhere. I didn't have the police at my door for any of these things.

Prayers for the masses

The series' creator has previously asked TV fans not to reveal which characters they are based on.

– Please do not speculate about who the real people are. That's not the point of the series, Richard Gadd wrote on Instagram.

Martha Scott is played by actress Jessica Gunning (38 years old).

In a previous interview with Los Angeles TimesShe said it was important to treat the character with respect and not make fun of him.

“I don’t think she intended it to be scary at all, even if it was viewed that way,” she said of the character.

Piers Morgan's interview with the woman is scheduled to air on Morgan's YouTube channel on Thursday, May 9.

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Actress Jessica Gunning Image: Ken MacKay/ITV/Shutterstock/Shutterstock

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