Approved: Russia with a small p

Approved: Russia with a small p

“Russia”, “Moscow”, “Kremlin”.

In Ukraine, it is now legal to write these words this way.

It is the National Committee for Standards of the Ukrainian Language that decided that proper nouns can be written in lower case, reports, etc Radio Free Europe.

– From now on, such writing will not be described as a deviation from the norm, even if we are currently talking only about texts of an informal nature, they write.

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Heroic battle

The committee, established in 2019, is somewhat reminiscent of a language council, says Sven Holtsmark, professor of history at the Department of Defense Studies at the Norwegian Armed Forces College.

– Basically, the committee did not have any political mandate. “I was interested in good linguistic culture,” says Holzmark.

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– But after receiving several calls, I have now decided not to classify a number of words, such as “Russia” and “Moscow”, as errors if they are written in initial lowercase letters in informal texts, continues the professor.

The committee itself stated that the decision was taken “out of consideration of the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people and for the independence of the Ukrainian state,” Radio Free Europe wrote.

– Expressing contempt

Among those calling on the commission to “formalize what all Ukrainians are already doing” is Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Irina Vereshchuk.

– The decision now passed should be interpreted as a rather spontaneous and expected expression of contempt for everything Russian. Holzmark believes that these sentiments are easy to understand among the Ukrainian population.

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- Creating a new Hitler

– Creating a new Hitler

At school

As the decision is understood, for example, from now on it would not be a mistake to write Russia with a little riding school.

– On the other hand, in public documents, the usual way of writing has not changed, he explains.

S-400 “Triumph”: Ukraine attacked the Crimean Peninsula and destroyed two Russian air defense systems, described as the most expensive and most advanced in Russia. Reporter: Vegard Krüger/Dagbladet TV
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– What does Russia think about this?

– I assume that if he had not already been arrested, it would be interpreted as “another example of the anti-Russian regime in Kiev,” Holzmark replies.

Earlier this year, Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, adopted another law Official designation: From now on, Ukrainians will be able to use the word “Russian” – a combination of the words “Russian” and “fascist.”

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