June 8, 2023


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Are you planning to use the printer in Windows 10?

Update KB5025221 for Windows 10 was released on April 11th. Microsoft should have double checked if the printer in the office was working before they did exactly that.

It’s not the first time

There have been a number of problems with printers in Windows, including Windows 10 – as we reported last summer:

Microsoft is now confirming again that there are problems with Windows, but this time it is Windows 10, not 11. Even worse, since Windows 10 is still used in most businesses, USB-connected printers struggle to print properly. When the problem occurs, Windows creates duplicates of the printer and renames it “Copy1″. Even worse, programs connected to a particular printer cannot print anything at all.”

from one to the other

Windows Latest and Gizmodo are both reporting major printer issues from a number of manufacturers in Windows 10 after several Reddit and Microsoft forums complained. The update we mentioned at the beginning was supposed to fix a bug that misclassified USB drivers as multimedia devices, but the “bug fix” led to even bigger problems in the eternal saga of printers in Windows.

Among other things, the Brother DCP-L2540DW printer has been reported to struggle with the scanner if you do not delete update KB5025221. So, there is a high probability that it is the update, and not something else, that is causing the problems. If you are struggling with the printer in Windows 10, KB5025221 might be the cause. Therefore, it is worth deleting it, but keep in mind that the device may be opened for possible attacks.

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