Stavanger company receives $4.6 million to develop climate technology – Dagsavisen

Stavanger company receives $4.6 million to develop climate technology – Dagsavisen

– Business innovation and research are critical for us to achieve our ambitious climate and energy goals. This year's final awards go, among others, to exciting and important projects in the fields of hydrogen, solar, batteries and offshore wind. It makes us better equipped to achieve our goals and contributes well to our commitment to green industrial development,” says Minister of Oil and Energy Terje Aasland, in a press release.

We are entering a new era with a comprehensive restructuring of the energy system. This must happen at a pace we have never seen before. Business has a major role here. These projects will be able to contribute to some of the new energy technologies we need, says Research Council CEO Marie Sundli-Tveit.

See an overview of all projects receiving support at the bottom of the case.

– Important support

One of the projects receiving support is the “Reusable Cap Suction Anchor” from Oceaneering AS, headquartered in Stavanger. This project receives support of NOK 4,619,000.

The project is about developing a new type of stabilization system, a solution that can reduce costs and make the installation of floating wind turbines more efficient. More specifically, this patented solution will provide a significant steel reduction for all anchors and in the future open up to “smart” anchors. If this solution is integrated with Oceaneering services within remote control from shore, this leads to significant cost reductions and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions during operation, says Erik Sæstad, CEO of Oceaneering AS to RA.

– What does support from the Research Council mean?

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– Support from the Research Council is important because it requires the development of such solutions, and we are talking about large anchors that must bear enormous forces, and analytical work on this alternative solution will be difficult. The great thing about support from the Research Council is that it fosters collaboration between industry and research. In this case, Oceaneering will work with Sintef Ocean and NGI to ensure all bases are covered and that the product delivers what the market needs.

Oceaneering is celebrating 50 years in Norway this year and has offices from Nodeland in the south to Sandnessjøen in the north, but its head office is in Stavanger.

– Technology development and innovation have a strong focus on meeting future challenges in terms of health, safety, environment, lower costs for our customers and, not least, ensuring sustainability towards the green transition. Here in Stavanger and Rogaland, we have the right mix we need in terms of experience and proximity to customers who need to solve all possible problems and challenges, says Managing Director Sæstad.

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