UPDATED: Confirms launch – ITavisen

UPDATED: Confirms launch – ITavisen

For months there has been talk of the iPad OLED and iPad Air 12.9″ launching in late March or early April.

First published March 28.

Updated April 4 at 4:23 p.m.:

Two new iPad Pro model names have appeared in the Indian product certification database: A2836 and A2837. This, as previously reported, indicates a launch early next month.

I think the new iPad will arrive in early May

Many of the reports have come from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who has now heard something else from manufacturing partners in Asia that have increased production volumes: The new panels won't arrive until May. The reason for the delay is said to be the new iPadOS, which has taken longer than usual to arrive with the new OLED panels, which will likely have an always-on function – whether this is the reason will be up for speculation. The panels, which are supposed to be the big selling point, are also required in production, which also led to delays.

Gorman then reviews parts of the history of the iPad, which Steve Jobs introduced in 2010, a year before his death from cancer. Gorman also points out that it has been 18 months since Apple launched, among other things, the iPad Pro M2 and iPad 10, and that Apple's tablet sales are down 25 percent.

There is no new information about the iPad Pro models other than that they will be given the model names J717, J718, J720, and J721. The iPad Air gets an M2 chip, which isn't surprising either. The Magic Keyboard and Pencil are also coming in new versions in May.

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