Pick up the phone if Tina calls

Pick up the phone if Tina calls

– We are more likely to talk about my job than I call you at work, unfortunately, Tina Wasa Kartomten (24) writes in a text message to the Dagbladet journalist.

It’s sad, but she may also be totally right. The reason for the sadness is that you wish to be called by Cartomten when you are at work.

No matter if you’re upset in the middle of breakfast, on a date, or in a meeting, you’ll likely answer if Kartomten picks up the line.

Because how would you react if the phone rang and you heard:

– Hey, this is Tina from Norsk Tipping calling. Are you sitting well?

He became a millionaire on Friday the 13th.

12 millionaires a week

At Norsk Tipping in Hamar, Kartomten works with content marketing, campaigns and images – and last but not least, with contacting people who have won more than 1 million kroner.

Over the course of a year, I have been involved in handing out over NOK 100 million to around 50 lucky winners across the country.

The largest amount you transferred is NOK 14.3 million.

– some burst into cheers, others began to break their voices a little and begin to cry.

On average, about a dozen people are contacted by Millionaire News each week, Kartomten says.

Won 23 million - become a nurse

Won 23 million – become a nurse

I think it is a scam

She’s received semi-proposals from 70-year-olds who are thrilled to win, and others say they want to give her a “big hug.”

– I’m often asked if I can rehearse on the amplifier, and then I feel like I’m involved He. She The party, says Cartomten.

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However, not everyone is happy when the 24-year-old calls. Many think it is a hoax or a bad joke.

– Some are very skeptical and think it’s a scam. It’s a bit boring when you call them He. She Kartomten says the news, but I also understand it.

Then she often has to try to impress them by providing personal details about the voucher purchase or account number. Until then, not everyone believes her.

Sometimes I think, “What should I go now?” Some are so sure it’s a scam, don’t believe me if I come up with account numbers or birthdays

– I had to hang up and instead ask them to follow up by phone or voucher, she says.

mistake: Martha Liefstad understands nothing when she has to find the name of the prize winner. Video: Humor Award/Red Runner
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Holidays and debts

Conversations with winners can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. Some remain completely silent, others share what they want to spend the money on.

He spends a lot on holidays and pays off loans and debts. Cartomten says there are many people who want to share the money they’ve won with family and friends.

– There are many rational winners, I think.

And it’s not just the elderly who play, she sometimes had to name people her own age. However, she will not be envied.

It is the job you dream of being able to connect and please others. It’s special to be able to share.

A terrible discovery in the car: - I didn't know anything

A terrible discovery in the car: – I didn’t know anything

Few chances to win

On April 8, it’s time to hold one of the four Super Draws of the year. In the big draw, random lottery players win millions, in addition to the regular main draw.

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It is expected that there will be between 25 and 50 million NOK in the pot. This means that there could be between 25 and 50 new millionaires today.

But if you want to win, you have to be really lucky. The chance of winning is 1 in 5.5 million per row.

– What would you do if you won the pluto?

You’ve tried to get into the housing market, and you might have bought a new car. I would also share those close to me, because then you can protect yourself so that if they win, they can share with me, she says, laughing.

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