The Electricity Prices Committee submits its report to the government

The Electricity Prices Committee submits its report to the government

The report is 268 pages long, and it gets its title The art of balance is now being sent for consultation.

– Against the background of the extraordinary period in energy markets, it was important for the government to have a comprehensive review of the advantages and disadvantages of the current principles of price determination in different parts of the energy market, says Minister of Oil and Energy Thierry. Aasland (ab) in a press release.

Inge Ruinas Gran, Managing Director of Sintef Energi, chaired the committee.

The committee believes that the electricity price crisis arose because gas prices became high in Europe when Russian gas supplies decreased as of the fall of 2021. NRK reports.

The main reason is that gas prices and energy prices are closely linked, says committee chairman Inge Gran.

He believes Europe is on its way out of the crisis because Europe is getting more liquid gas from ships rather than getting it through pipelines from Russia. But the crisis is not over yet;

– Europe’s energy situation is at risk for at least another two years. He says there will be a high probability of electricity prices rising until 2025.

The Commission’s main task was to evaluate measures that could guarantee electricity users lower and more predictable prices in the short and long term, within the scope of the EEA Agreement. To achieve this, they analyzed, among other things, a number of proposals for measures.

The issue is updated.

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