News, Christmas | These are the apps that help you with your New Year’s resolutions

News, Christmas |  These are the apps that help you with your New Year’s resolutions


This is the app for anyone who wants to start training, be it running or cycling. With the help of GPS, you can create your own personal routes, compare your training with acquaintances and strangers, and find new routes with the help of other users that you can try.


Quitting smoking and running can be difficult, but fortunately the Norwegian Directorate of Health has created an app that will make this a little easier. You will receive daily motivational messages, tips and advice, calculate how much money you save and how much you have saved so far. The app will also share an overview of the toxins contained in tobacco products as well as facts about the consequences of using. In 2022, the app has been downloaded more than 35,000 times.


If you’re stressed out or feel like your head is a little full, the app headspace might be the answer. Headspace gives you guided meditation, sleep meditation, and breathing exercises that can help you reduce stress and sleep better.


Knowledge is something you can never get enough of. Coursera is the app that can help you fill your knowledge base with the help of digital teaching and digital courses. Hundreds of online courses are offered from accredited educational institutions in different languages.


Organization in everyday life can sometimes be demanding. Lines help you create a list of goals you want to achieve for the day. For example, you can add to the app that you will eat a healthy meal during the day or that you will choose to ride a bike instead of a car on your way to work.

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Food Show:

If there is one thing many people have in common, it is that much of their paycheck goes to food. Food deals help you save money on food. The app provides an overview of the different food options in all of the different grocery stores.


Saving can be difficult for many, but make saving fun with the Dreams app. Here you can set aside money for whatever you dream of, while also setting personal savings goals. The app also offers a money thief that automatically puts money into a savings account every month so you won’t even notice that you’re saving.


Do you have too many pairs of skates or do you have tools in the garage that you don’t use often? Then Hygglo can help you. Hygglo is a rental app, see it as a kind of just-neighborhood help for everyone. Here you have the opportunity to earn some extra pocket money while preserving the environment.


Start the year by learning a new language. Duolingo is the app that makes learning new languages ​​fun. Duolingo offers over 20 different languages ​​where you can track your progress along the way.


Being in control of the nutrients you eat has a huge health impact. MyFitnessPal helps you with calorie counting, motivation and exercise routines. This complete nutrition planner and health app doubles as a meal planner and food journal that you can always keep in your pocket.

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