New generation Macs coming in October and battery life could be better

New generation Macs coming in October and battery life could be better

Mark Gurman has been anticipating new Macs in October for some time, now he says the first ones with Apple’s new M3 chip will launch in October, and now we also know which models will get them first.

He shouldn’t have decided whether there would be a press conference or press release

It’s already October 17th, so not too long ago. The M2’s launch was far from as exciting as the M1’s, with only minor performance improvements: Apple’s focus was mainly on film editing and other work. New M3 chips are expected in the iMac (30- or 32-inch ones won’t arrive until next year, and current iMac models still have the M1), MacBook Air 13, and MacBook Pro 13.

It could be a matter of much better battery life

Great performance is expected And Power improvements thanks to 3nm technology, down from the current 5nm in M2 series chips. Apple is not expected to increase the number of CPU or GPU cores to a large extent.

Gurman also doesn’t expect any major iPad upgrades until next year’s M3 iPad Pro models with OLED panels. What you can expect is a new iPad Air 10.9 with upgraded internals, possibly the M2 as it launched with the M1 from 2020.

Check out some GeekBench 5 M1 and M2 numbers:

  • MacBook Air M2 1TB: 1926 – 8856 – M2 10 cores GPU OpenCL: 27593
  • Dell XPS 15 9510: 1,658 – 8,880 – GeForce RTX 3050 Ti 4GB GDDR6 OpenCL: 35,517
  • MacBook Pro 14 (Base model – 8 CPU cores 14 cores): 1750-9857
  • Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360: 1664 – 8449
  • Surface Laptop Studio: 1563 – 5778
  • Apple MacBook Air M1: 1705 – 7515
  • P12 Pro tab: 955-3089
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: 1229 – 3380

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