You can now buy shares in OpenAI through the Swedish platform

You can now buy shares in OpenAI through the Swedish platform


You can now buy shares in OpenAI through the Swedish trading platform Swedish trading platform Tioex has reportedly acquired shares in OpenAI, and they are now up for sale with a minimum subscription of NOK 100,000.

Sam Altman took the photo on November 16, 2023, one day before he was fired and then got his job back.

Perhaps the most well-known technology company in the world, OpenAI has seen incredible growth after launching ChatGPT and at the end of 2023 was valued at $86 billion.

Now the man on the street can also buy a stake in the company through the Swedish trading platform Tioex, he writes break it.

You must, of course, make a purchase of at least SEK 100,000 and the platform should make a 20 percent profit “if all goes well,” the industry newspaper writes.

In other words, it might be a good idea to read the platform's terms once and twice before emptying your savings account.

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Tioex started 2021 with the idea that people should easily invest in startups. The platform has seen less traffic with the downturn in the enterprise sector, but that will likely change now that they are the sole broker for OpenAI shares.

“We are in the middle of the process and are very excited about whether we can achieve this,” says Tioex founder Johan Hägglund, who is now looking for buyers for the newly acquired shares.

OpenAI advertises annual revenues of around $2 million, but despite the great hype, great product, and revenue stream already in place, Sam Altman himself has said that further building out the company could be too expensive — all in all. 7 trillion dollars.

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