That's why he left Catapult

That's why he left Catapult


– It's a bittersweet feeling, says investment manager Jörn Hanes.

The number of employees at Katapult Group was reduced from 28 to 20. The reduction was a combination of downsizing and voluntary redundancies. Investment manager Jörn Hannes is among those now leaving.

On Wednesday, it became known that several Catapult tops are leaving the company after the investment community, controlled by the Selvage heir. Tharald Nostadchanges strategy.

From now on only Catapult Africa And Ocean Catapult suitable.

Catapult climate In other words, the investment manager must be liquidated Jörn Hannes Among those who resigned. He led the climate initiative and has been with the company since 2020.

-I finished the catapult. I'm very proud of what we achieved, but it's over now, Hannes tells Shifter.

– Why are you retiring?

– This is because we chose to refine the strategy. Catapult needed to focus on fewer things, and the council ended up cutting the climate catapult.

– Did you agree to that?

– No, of course not. After all, I led the climate team. But that's the case. I fought for a different strategy, but it's a completely fair decision.

-What result would you have preferred to see instead?

– We had to limit ourselves. Maybe Catapult did too many things, so it was right to focus on fewer things. We also had to accept the consequences of capital market rigidity. decent.

Jorn Hannes moved from his job in Oslo's business district to Catapult in 2020.

– Were you one of those who went voluntarily?

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– I can't comment on that.

– How long have discussions been going on about choosing the path?

-We've been doing this for a few months.

– Difficult rounds?

-It was professional and fair. We disagree on strategy, but we part ways as friends.

– How do you feel?

– I feel very proud of what we have achieved. A lot of people have taken an interest in what we've built. I'm also proud to have been part of the Tharald Project. On a global level, this was quite unique.

-So it's a bittersweet feeling. Grateful for what we've done, then I wish I could have done more.

– What now?

– I have now managed and sold a startup, worked with startups in the ecosystem, worked as an investor and built three funds. All of this experience gives me the opportunity to go in a little different directions.

– Before I decide, I'll spend all my time talking to entrepreneurs and other interesting people who are building good things. “Because I learned a lot, and I have a lot of experience that I can now pass on,” Hannes says.

His home office is located in Bøller, and he invests NOK 65 million in companies that solve “the world’s biggest problem”.

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