State Budget 2024, Car Taxes | Sudden changes to car taxes for 2024

State Budget 2024, Car Taxes |  Sudden changes to car taxes for 2024

2024 is the last year in which, according to politicians’ goals, gasoline and diesel cars can be sold in Norway. In 2025, the goal is for all car sales to be electric.

Due to the EEA Agreement, it would not be possible to enforce the ban. Instead, politicians should make it undesirable to buy anything other than electric cars, something everyone is avoiding.

In practice, this means hefty fees. This carries the 2024 budget no fingerprint. If anything, electric cars fare worse than petrol and diesel cars.

The government is not proposing any major tax changes to regular passenger cars, beyond the usual price increase. In addition, the weight discount for hybrid cars, which is currently 10 percent, will be eliminated. As a result, there is the potential for a huge tax change in next year’s budget.

Note that this is for the government suggestion To budget the new state. They must agree with SV in negotiations. Historically, the EV Association and SV have had close relationships. There is reason to believe that SV will push for changes to the proposal during the negotiations.

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Same change for almost all cars

No changes have been made to the entry point for taxation, but the government has scrapped the 10 per cent weight deduction for hybrid cars.

2023 rules Proposal 2024 Percent change
Net weight, NOK/kg (EV)
The first 500 kg 0 0
The rest 12.5 12.98 3.8
Passenger cars etc internal combustion engine
Net weight, NOK/kg
The first 500 kg 0 0
Next 700 kg 27.92 28.98 3.8
Next 200 kg 69.57 72.22 3.8
Next 100 kg 217.42 225.68 3.8
The rest 252.85 262.46 3.8
NOx emissions, NOK per mg/km 80.33 83.38 3.8
CO2 emissions, NOK per g/km
The first 82 g/km 0 0
Next 36 g/km 1,351.29 1,402.64 3.8
Next 37 g/km 1,514.27 1,571.81 3.8
Next 70 g/km 2,939.27 3,050.96 3.8
The rest 4,688.70 4,866.87 3.8
Emissions discount of less than 82g/km, applies up to 50g/km, front-end vehicles only with emissions of less than 82g/km 854.65 887.13 3.8
The discount on emissions below 50 g/km only applies to vehicles with emissions below 50 g/km 1,005.51 1,043.72 3.8
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On the other hand, for small trucks, there will be changes: the CO2 component of trucks will increase by 5 percent after the price increase.

Traffic insurance fees

The government proposes to reduce road insurance charges for cars powered by petrol and diesel engines to compensate for increased taxes on fuel and carbon dioxide.

On the other hand, they suggest adding it to electric cars.

Traffic insurance fee, NOK/day


Proposed 2024

Percentage change

Cars, trucks, etc.




Diesel vehicles without a factory-fitted particulate filter








Tractors, bicycles etc




Electric cars




Thus, road insurance fees went from being lower for electric cars to higher in just a few years.

Annual cost






3,066 Norwegian krone

2,990 NOK

3,045 Norwegian krone

2,820 Norwegian krone


2,135 NOK

2,839 Norwegian krone

3,045 Norwegian krone

3,157 Norwegian krone


Nok 931

150 Norwegian krone

– 337 Norwegian krone

– Puts our trust in SV

Norway’s largest car importer is relieved that the government is not proposing tougher taxes on electric cars, but is disappointed that good solutions have not been found to electrify the company car and rental car market.

The majority of people who buy new fossil fuel cars today are buyers of company cars, car rental companies, or car sharing companies. There is no indication that this state budget will change that. “We have to put our trust in SV,” says Ulf Tore Hickenby, Managing Director of Harald A. Møller AS, in a survey.

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He adds:

– These are fossil fuel-powered cars that will be on Norwegian roads for years, so we are missing clearer steps that would push the much-needed technological change forward as quickly as possible.

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