The opening of the Peter Stordalen Hotel in Sweden ended in failure

The opening of the Peter Stordalen Hotel in Sweden ended in failure

A planned drone spectacle has failed – literally.


On Thursday evening, Norwegian hotel tycoon Peter Stordalen, 60, invited famous guests to the opening of his new hotel in Gothenburg.

With a red carpet, dinner and an extravagant party, the new Clarion Hotel Draken was duly celebrated Express. The hotel rises 104 meters above the ground.

The ceremony was attended by many well-known actors, artists and influencers.

Among them are favorite Swedish pop singer Viktor Leksel, former Swedish minister Leif Bagrutsky, and Swedish R&B queen Sherry, according to the British Daily Mail. Gutenberg Post (GP).

Stordalen arrived at the party with his girlfriend, Marta Elander Westen (30).

But things did not go as planned, as guests were supposed to enjoy a spectacular drone show, several Swedish media outlets wrote.

-You will see something you have never seen before. Nothing similar has happened in northern Europe before. “Imagine several hundred drones taking off in the shape of a kite and then hovering in the sky around the hotel,” Stordalen said on the red carpet in front of the Expressen Hotel.

Stordalen’s Strawberry communications manager, Kenneth Hultgren, told GP that the external signal had been turned off. The show was eventually cancelled.

– This led to the first drones hitting the water and being destroyed. We troubleshooted, but in the end we chose to cancel the offer.

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-The company responsible for this has done several demonstrations in the past and they said they have never experienced anything like this before. He adds: We test drove several times and things were fine.


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