Narvi Gelgi Nordas and her boyfriend Oda Andersen Lundeby: – ​​She’s perfect

Narvi Gelgi Nordas and her boyfriend Oda Andersen Lundeby: – ​​She’s perfect

KLEPP (VG) 2023 is the dream year of Comet Narve Gilje Nordås (25). It was bronze in the bathroom and gold on home soil.


Before taking world championship bronze in August – by three hundredths of a margin of Jakob Ingebrigtsen – he and Oda Andersen Lundby (21) defined themselves as lovers.

Norway’s new running champion lives in an apartment a few meters from Sørlandspanen. Trains are on their way to or from the final station in Stavanger, a few miles north in Rogaland.

VG meets the couple at the house in Jæren. Gilje Nordas has recently moved in, and Lundeby is often at his place. She studies law at university, has a residence in Madla, but clearly loves the apartment complex in the runner’s new home municipality.

– It started with a friendly chat, a bit on, a test and some praise StravaStravaAn app where people share training courses.Lundeby says about how the relationship started.

– So it became a little more than that. It was running here and there.

– Good for you, Narvi?

– Yes, of course, wonderful. It couldn’t go better. Most importantly, there was no Tinder and no dating app. nothing. Everything was normal, in the good old fashioned way.

Nice breakfast: Oda Andersen Lundeby and Narvi Gilgi Nordas enjoy breakfast together.

Nordas’ girlfriend is also an athlete, playing for Spirit Stavanger and competing at NM in Jessheim this summer. She also has a sporting background from football and handball at her home in Trondheim.

They share many of the same routines in daily life.

-I have to go to bed at ten or eleven, and it’s good that you do the same. She can’t stay up all night. If I had gone out on the weekends, it would have been completely out of the question. It didn’t work. It is ideal to live the same life and enjoy it.

In keeping with Nordås’ progressively better performance in 2023 – since it began during the Bislett Games – the relationship has also slowly but surely moved closer officially.

– Only after we became official did I win a medal at the World Championships.

– What did you say before the final? VG Lundby asks.

– I don’t think I said that much.

Nordas interrupts her while he is in the comic corner.

– I said like this: “If you don’t get a medal, I won’t be there when you come home.”

He laughs at his joke, while she denies that this is in any way true. “You shouldn’t say that,” he comes out during the giggle ball.

It’s rainy and windy outside, but spirits are high inside. Narve runs the coffee machine and serves strong VG cups of gunpowder.

Barista: Narve Gilje Nordås offers her boyfriend VG morning coffee in Jæren.

– Did you say that or not?

“No, I didn’t say that,” Lundby answers.

– That was your joke?

– Yes, Nordas says and smiles.

Lundeby highlights just that. That Nordas has a twinkle in his eye. A twinkle in the eye and an open mind were part of the athletics cycle for student Gjert Ingebrigtsen.

– Not everyone understands that during the World Cup, of course. I had a twinkle in my eye, but there was someone taking everything in the worst sense. But that’s how people are different, so I know next time people are more easily offended than others. Then it is better not to say anything.

– I get the impression that there is a lot of humor in Jæren?

– He is very direct, few words and straight to the point. If you are asked something, you answer the question. “No comment” is not a word in Jarsk. unavailable. Always have a comment on something.

Narve Gilje Nordås started training again after the end of the season in Eugene. On Friday, the couple went for a jog session – partly together – in the morning. After the VG interview, joint force training was expected at Sandnes.

The following season brought tremendous progress. The 1,500 meter hurdles were reduced by 5.36 seconds. He cried with joy when he broke the dream limit of 3.30 at Bislett in June. 3.29.47 was solid for someone who was thinking about setting up late in 2022.

-I made it to two finals out of two and won a medal, and I really couldn’t be happier. “Of course I wish I had done better in the 5,000 when I was there for the first time,” Nordas says.

It was No. 14 when Jakob Ingebrigtsen won gold in the 5,000 meters at the same World Championships.


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