Tim (51) was found two months later

Tim (51) was found two months later

Last weekend, Australian Tim Shaddock (51) and his dog Bella were found alive at sea off the coast of Mexico, according to reports. 9News AustraliaAnd BBC And The telegraph.

In April, Shaddock, who lives in Sydney with his dog Bella, sails from Mexico to French Polynesia.

But their boat was damaged by a storm after a few weeks at sea, according to Australia 9 News.

Patrick received a shocking message: – Stomach pain

An Australian sailor survived two months in the Pacific by eating raw fish and drinking rainwater.

And Shaddock is “stable and in good health,” according to the doctor who examined him.


They were rescued by a fishing trawler this week after a helicopter spotted them swimming in the open sea.

The doctor on board the tuna fishing vessel told Australian 9News that the 51-year-old is in good condition and appears to be in good health.

Shaddock set off on a 6,000-kilometre journey from the Mexican city of La Paz, with the goal of reaching French Polynesia.

It wasn’t long before he had problems with the ship’s electronics. It was exposed to bad weather which damaged the radio, GPS, engine and all communications.

Otter 841 has taken over the coast in Santa Cruz and is terrorizing surfers in the area. Reporter: Christian Fjermeros/Dagbladet. Video: hefti3/Instagram.
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This causes the sailor and his dog to stray into the Pacific Ocean.

– It’s been hard

When they were finally found off the coast of Mexico this weekend, two months later, he was slimmer and had a much larger beard.

– I went through a very difficult challenge at sea, he says in a video on Australian 9News.

– Now I need rest and good food, because I have been alone at sea for a long time. Otherwise, I’m fine, says Shaddock.

Three mummified bodies were found in a mountain range

Three mummified bodies were found in a mountain range

He says hunting equipment helped him survive. Shaddock also manages to avoid sunburn by hiding under the boat’s awnings.

The tuna trawler is now on its way to Mexico where Shaddock will undergo medical examinations and receive further treatment if necessary.

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