An old woman is missing on the hill

An old woman is missing on the hill

An 85-year-old woman who went missing in the Gudbrandsdalen mountains did not recover overnight.

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Police in Innlandet reported Sunday evening that an elderly woman was missing in Øyerfjellet, north of Lillehammer.

The woman was out with another hiker and the two got separated. The old woman did not come to Bøsætra as expected.

– It was the other climber who warned, project leader Marthe Lysholm told VG.

Early Monday morning, Atle Bernhaft van Obstfelder, operations manager at Inlandet, says the search is still in full swing.

– There is strong wind and the police helicopter and air ambulance had to return, but we are doing a thorough search with other crews.

– We will soon change the team and bring in fresh new forces, he says.

He says seven to ten degrees in the mountains, showers and strong winds.

Norwegian rescue dogs are contributing to the search, they write on Twitter.

At 08.12 on Monday, operations manager Rune Vegard Huse says the search is still ongoing.

He says the police helicopter and air ambulance are no longer being used in the search, and now only ground troops are being used.

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