23 million won on Swedish TV: – Totally unreal!

23 million won on Swedish TV: – Totally unreal!

Norwegian couple Espen (65) and Swedish Durit (61) won 100,000 Swedish kroner a month for 20 years on live TV in Sweden.

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– You don’t understand anything. It’s so surreal, we’re normal working people. It’s too big and unrealistic, a clearly victimized Durit Selbeck tells VG on Monday evening.

On Saturday, she and Norwegian Espen Knudsen took part in a television recording on Swedish TV4, where they won 100,000 Swedish kroner a month over a period of 20 years.

This corresponds to approximately NOK 23.4 million.

In a clip from a TV broadcast released that day TV4’s websiteWe see Kuntsen embracing his girlfriend in joy after the victory becomes a reality.

– How did it feel to receive the gospel?

– It’s like asking how Norduk felt when he crossed the finish line. It’s very special, replies the Norwegian, who still lives in the Oslo area.

On the Beach: When Viji talks to the couple, they are each sitting on a sunbed on a beach in Portugal.

Leave the job after two days

Durrit had prepared his boss that Saturday’s event would end in a quick layoff:

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– I asked him to prepare the resignation letters in advance and watch them on TV. This morning I called to cancel and then he laughed and Durit laughed.

He says many of his colleagues have contacted him in recent days to congratulate him.

– The boss understood me well. “I told him I could stand up sometimes if I had to,” says Durritt, who has worked in an industrial company for more than 20 years.

Espen, himself retired, promises the couple will live a normal life despite the large prize money.

– That’s a lot of money over a long period of time. We’ll have 20 years of normal and comfortable lives with the same friends we’ve always had, Espen says, adding:

– Nothing has changed except that Durit quit his job.

Unique Gift: Couples

Champagne on the plane

It all started last summer in Durrit’s hometown of Hallen, Sweden, when Durrit and Espen bought a scratch card on inspiration.

– We scratched three clovers, which means we won a chance to scratch new scratch cards on TV. We were also told that the minimum prize we were going to win was SEK 1.2 million, he says.

They actually canceled this year’s vacation to save money for next summer, but when they found out they won the money, they put this year’s vacation plans on hold.

– On Saturday we flew to Portugal straight from the TV recording to Arlanda airport. “We celebrated with champagne on the plane,” says Espen.

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Holiday trip to Portugal: Norwegian couple Espen Knudsen (65) and Swede Durit Selbeck (61) celebrated with champagne on the flight to Portugal.

When VG asks if he’s digested winning, Durit replies that it will take some time.

– I still don’t understand. I’ve watched the clip over a hundred times and every time I’m like “Is this really us?”

Now the new conquerors are enjoying the sun and warmth in more southern regions.

– Here in Portugal it’s 30 degrees in the shade and not a cloud in the sky. It is perfect for transporting things over short distances. While sitting on a sunbed on a beach in Portugal, Espen says there have been several impressions in recent days.

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