Home Prices, Stortinget | Norway’s foremost economist:

Home Prices, Stortinget |  Norway's foremost economist:

You can fire the rocket through the starting window from the Grand Hotel.

In this week’s Storm & Island, John Ludwig Andreason – one of Norway’s most outspoken chief economists – deals with most of Norway’s economic policies. Among other things, he believes that the ultimate nonsense is that his chosen national politicians are located in the middle of Oslo!

– It’s forbidden to talk about it, but if they had built the new government a mile outside of Oslo, they would have saved 30 billion kroner, Anderson tells Storm & Island.

– Can shoot a rocket with starting!

And it will be safe.

You can fire the rocket through the starting window from the Grand Hotel. This is completely undeniable and something you do nothing about, he continues.

Anderson speaks in the opposite direction with Norges Bank, whether homeowners should be afraid of the ghost of interest rates, he throws a torch about Norway’s performance in the Middle East and Africa, about pension reform and about politicians’ salaries!

Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Johann H. Anderson

You can listen to many chapters here Storm & Island On August Or Spotify Or Apple Podcasts.

Guests include former Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Labor leader Frederick Solwang, influencers Lynna Myhre, athletic leader Gertz-Weinstein, Ship Jens Welder. Investors such as Anderson and Rainier Indal mention a few names.

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