Surrounded by brown teeth in Lakka, it is the city’s first wine bar. Even after 30 years, it is still a favorite of many.

Surrounded by brown teeth in Lakka, it is the city’s first wine bar.  Even after 30 years, it is still a favorite of many.
Jarley Bear has been running Dr. Knife’s Wine Bar and neighboring restaurant Marquin Made Oak Winhouse for 30 years.

At Dr. Niepce’s wine bar, owner Jarley Pere Krunerlaka was seen walking from a poor neighborhood to a food center.

Since Uptonboston introduced the “Oslo’s Best” award, it has received numerous nominations. Dr. Niepce has been nominated for Best Oslo in Oslo.

– As Dr. Neap celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, it is good that old and new customers are remembering us in the jungle of new wine bars that have appeared in recent years.

Dr. Niepce Marquin is located. Its lush facade is easy to spot. The wine bar opened in 1991. The following year, Jarley took over. 30 years later, the doors are still open with considerable competition from the new wine bars.

Is it true that this is Oslo’s first wine bar?

– People say this is Norway’s first wine bar.

Here you can Recommend your Oslo favorites in ten different categories.

Early in Lakka

He describes it as pleasant to run a wine bar in Oslo in the 90s, even though Kronerlaka is a completely different district than it is today.

– This is really nothing but brown liquor stores. So we were probably the first wine bar and restaurant in the area.

They experienced a change to the smoking law in 2004. It was a challenge at the small wine bar where the tables stood close together.

I remember your ex-colleague Khair Salvation revisiting wine bars and how angry he was when they sat too much at the next table and smoked while they had their noses in Bordeaux glass.

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People certainly don’t remember, but suspect that they didn’t get good reviews at the time.

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Vote together to deliver the best Oslo

The best wine bar in Oslo

There are ten categories in the “Best of Oslo” award. Can last until November Anyone who wants to recommend.

First in ten categories in the exam Look at the wine One of the most involved. Liquor stores all over the city have received recommendations.

Nectar is a short walk from Dr. Knife in Friedensborg. They opened in 2019, but were closed most of the time due to infection. Nevertheless, there are many who have recommended them.

Some will “die” a snack with anchovies, another writes, whether you are a beginner or progressing on alcohol, you will always be welcomed.

– This is the best compliment we can get!

Weslemi Whitston Owner and General Manager. He says guests are the best critics. He says they notice Oslo’s mood has changed since the outbreak.

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A cave, Sindhpunk and Finnish wine. Going to a bar in Oslo has been so much fun.

Amritam is located in a wooden house in Friedensburg. They serve both wine and food.

– You notice that people are happy to be in the catering industry. That’s how it should be.

Hvidsten has worked with wine for over 30 years. Most of these she worked in the import business. Starting a wine bar has always been a dream.

– I wanted to start somewhere in France based on the inspiration of my favorite wine bars. The wine bars there have more food than we are used to at home here.

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At Nectar you will find both food and wine. It is allowed to park for a small glass, but you can eat throughout the evening with dinner and wine.

Another wine bar opened shortly before the outbreak was the hospital in Torso. They describe themselves as a “hole in the wall”. However a few square meters have received many recommendations.

“This place is smaller than the dormitory when I study, but it’s not cramped, it’s nice.” One of the wine bar nominees writes.

The best of Oslo

Uptonboston selected “Oslo’s Best” City’s Best Places and Offers. The entire city population is invited to vote in favor of their favorites in ten different categories.

Here you can Recommend your favorite Oslo.

The appointment page will be open until the end of October / early November.

  • You can recommend as many categories as you want.
  • There must be a justification in every appointment. What is so special about a place or offer?
  • After the nominations are made, an arbitrator will make a rough choice. Type of five candidates.
  • The arbitral tribunal will insist on the reasons you wrote.

Once the arbitral tribunal selects its candidates, we will be ready to vote again. The people of Oslo will vote for the best category in the city.

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