Leah Isadora came out with the Ben Influencer Award

Leah Isadora came out with the Ben Influencer Award
Lea Isadora Behan won the “Influencer of the Year: Beauty” award at the Camley Logen Oslo Oslo Vixen Awards 2021.

Leah Isadora Behn, daughter of Ari Ben and Princess Martha Louise, ran successfully with the Vixen Award 2021 in the “Influence of the Year: Beauty” category.

– Just before I started to cry, said the 16-year-old, who was clearly surprised from the stage.

Mom Martha Louis sat in the hall and filmed the session. In the victory speech, the prize winner thanked both his mother and his late father Ari Ben.

– Thank you to everyone here, to everyone who supported me and voted for me, and to follow me and see what I do on TicTac or Instagram or YouTube. Thanks to the jury, the 16-year-old from the podium said I did not expect this.

Leah Isadora Behne, photographed by her mother Martha Louise (left), won the “Influencer of the Year: Beauty” award at the 2021 Camley Logan Vixen Awards in Oslo.

Thanks to the parents

Camley Lozen Frederick Solwang received an award at the Vixen Awards 2021 in Oslo.

“I have to thank Mom and Dad for always being supportive of me, whenever and for anything, and for telling me that I can do anything,” he said.

He stressed that even though he just won a beauty award, all people are equally beautiful. She also wandered into the weather to get laughter from the audience.

– We can do anything “as long as we put our mind to it”. Supporting each other is important, of course the climate, Ben said.

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Price of NRK-Solvang

Iselin Guttormsen received the evening’s most generous award “Influence of the Year”.

The most generous award went to “Influence of the Year” sexist and influencer Eiselin Goodormsen. He owns the podcast G-Point and, among other things, was on the TV2 series “The Blockers”.

– Many may think that I am arrogant, talk ugly, talk provocatively, and do everything I can to be heard. I do, I do everything to be heard. I think there are a lot of people who misunderstand me when I try to get my message across, ”Gutterson said in his thank you speech.

A total of 15 prizes were awarded Friday night from Gamle Logen in Oslo. NRK profile Fredrik Solvang is one of the winners. He received the “Strongest Opinion of the Year” award.

Jenny Skavlan won the fashion award and is also known as “People’s Favorite” Jørgine Vasstrand, Funkygine.

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