Steals keys from a locked box at a car repair shop: – Sent out on a theft test

The car is new in December. The unfortunate car owner says it was only hand washed.

In good faith, car owner Nut Ole Tolchet unveiled his light blue MGZS EV at the Adser Bill AS in Trentheim on Tuesday night last week. He put the keys in a locked key box in the workshop.

– It was really a trivial matter, it made me deliver to the workshop, says Tolstoy to Netavision.

Check the car for moisture. But what happened next will be very dramatic. Little did he know about the fact that the newly purchased electric SUV in December 2020 would soon be out on final trips.

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Brand new in December

The day after he delivered the electric SUV to the workshop, a message came to Tolstoy from the car workshop that the car should be delivered.

– I thought it was an automatic message, but called for security, he says.

The car repair shop said they were robbed and the key box was broken.

Tolstoy now understands that texting data from the workshop is not an error. He understood that his car had probably been stolen.

– I only had the car for nine months and it was brand new in December. The unfortunate car owner says it was only hand washed.

He says this is the first time in his 53-year career that he has bought a new car.

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– How did you react when you realized the car had been stolen?

– I’m not ready to steal my car from a car repair shop. I was a little annoyed, nothing more than that, but there was more confusion about what to do after that, reviews and the like, he says.

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Thieves followed for hours online

When Tolstoy complained to police that the car had been stolen, they had already received a report from the car repair shop. The next day he logged on to the Autopass website.

From 05.41am to 08.17am, he followed the thieves on his own computer screen. He followed in the footsteps of car thieves on various streets in the center of Trondheim, where the tracks were stopped before they finally made their way east to Stuart, but for now.

– It was very annoying. Considering the time of the robbery, he believes these robbers have made a living from it.

He was called by police Saturday morning. They found a car that had crashed in Oslovian in Trondheim.

Before the car owner had time to ask the police about the condition of the car, he saw the picture of his car on the addevision.

The relatively new electric car is in disrepair. The car overturned and was on the roof. Police said one person was crawling with arm and chest pain and was sent to St. Olav Hospital for a check-up and rust test. It was revealed that the driver did not have a driver’s license.

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– It’s a little far, and it’s not normal to experience this. It is difficult to steal a car without a key. Thieves broke into the workshop and broke the key box, which is not everyday food, he says, and insists the car workshop did nothing wrong:

– They have the keys according to the rules. This could have happened to any workshop.

When Tolstoy arrived at the Viking towing site, an inspector stood up and took the car’s fingerprints. In the car, investigators found both stolen equipment and stolen items.

The car was completely here and I started flirting first. There was nothing that I could do about it, “said Tolstoy, who was glad no one was hurt.

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