– was never a conscious act – E24

– was never a conscious act – E24

Former minister speaks out after plagiarism in master's thesis

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– It was never a conscious act on my part. Former Research and Higher Education Minister Sandra Porch (SP) says, “As I have told many people, if I had known, I would never have published my master's thesis online.” NRK Monday.

He resigned as war minister in January after it was revealed that he had taken texts from other works in his master's thesis.

– Porch says in DocsRevion that I was very lax in handling and writing my master's thesis.

He is now back as a member of the Central Party's Parliament and has joined the Justice Committee. After his resignation press conference, Porch issued a brief statement to reporters.

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– There is no doubt that I have done something wrong and I have accepted the responsibility for it. “This was the basis for my resignation as Minister of Research and Higher Education because it was not suitable as Minister of Research and Higher Education,” he said.

Copied from the work of others

On January 19, E24 wrote that several parts of Porch's master's thesis were similar to other student theses. During a press conference the same evening, Porch admitted that he had taken the text from the work of other students, and announced his resignation as minister.

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– Porch said at the time that I made a mistake and I am very sorry.

Already in the evening, “Oslostudenten”, an account on X (formerly Twitter), was published More news There he points to many similar passages from Porch's master thesis and other sources.

Prime Minister Jonas Kahrstor (AP) said Porch's resignation was correct after he left, saying he had made mistakes that were not relevant to his role as minister of research and higher education.

Center Party leader and finance minister Trygve Slacksvold Vedum opened up about Porch's return at a later date and praised him for choosing to resign so soon.

Oddmund Hoel (Sp) took over from Porch as Minister of Research and Higher Education. Prior to that he was Secretary of State to both him and his predecessor, Ola Borden Moe (SP).

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