– No words – Viji

– No words – Viji
Treatment: – It is a tragedy for all the victims. Kansberg Mayor Carrie Anne Sand tells Viji that I have no words.

Kansberg Mayor Carrie Anne Sand (SP) was clearly injured after tonight’s incident, where several people were injured and died. – Classify society for the long term to come.


– This is a tragedy for all those affected. Mayor Carrie Anne tells Sand Vigi I have no words.

The mayor says the municipality has set up a crisis committee to help when needs arise.

– Now we must try to take care of the people and the direct victims. We must take care of the following days as well.

– It shakes up the whole local community and neighboring municipalities. I think there are many who know the direct victims. The mayor says it will affect the community for a long, long time.

– Words get worse. “It simply came to our notice then.

A reception has been arranged at the Guildleaf Hotel. The municipality has a psychology team, and anyone who needs the municipality’s help regarding this incident can go there.

Will any activities be implemented in schools and workplaces tomorrow?

– We do not yet know who was involved in this incident. If school students or shop staff are involved, we should take it as we gain that knowledge, Greenroot says.

The parish priest in Kansberg, Reader Aspe, confirms that he is part of the municipality’s crisis committee.

– From our side, the church has activated our staff and networks. Aspe tells Viji that we are ready to do the work that needs to be done now to deal with relatives and victims.

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He describes the incident as “shocking”.

– This is untrue in a way. Is shocking. This is what you hear about other places. It’s so shocking when it happens in our own small town here.

Former LO boss Roar Flåthen from Kansberg tells VG he was completely shocked by what happened.

– This is completely untrue. It is almost unthinkable that something like this should happen in my hometown, quiet Kansberg. My thoughts go to the victims and relatives, says Fleton.

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