Europe dumps Norway used cars – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Europe dumps Norway used cars – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Norwegian used cars are now cheap for foreigners who shop in euros. It becomes cheaper when a one-time portion of the previously paid fee is repaid.

Historically, Norway has been among the top countries in the world regarding taxes on the purchase of new cars with a petrol or diesel engine.

So far this year, the country has refunded the one-time tax for 7,012 fossil fuel-powered cars that were exported out of the country for a total amount of NOK 650 million. For comparison, 5,346 fossil fuel vehicles were exported in the whole of 2022. This is evidenced by figures obtained by NRK from the Swedish Tax Agency.

If the car in the video was purchased by a foreign person, that person can get back NOK 250,000 in one-time pre-paid tax from the state.

The Audi RS6 with V8 and twin-turbo engine from Magnus Guldvog in Auksjonen.No starts for NRK has nearly 600 hp. The buyer gets a refund of around NOK 250,000 for this, when the person concerned applies for a refund of the tax in connection with the export.

exports, 13 percent

But it’s possible that far more cars will be exported than the IRS records. Not all fossil cars older than 2014 will be included in this overview, and neither will electric cars.

At out of T√łnsberg, they now sell 90 cars a month outside the country, which is 13 percent of all the cars they sell each month.

Electric cars sell as much as fossil cars, says Guldvog, director of product and sales.

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– As now, a lot of cars are disappearing outside the country, probably much more than is advertised. He says the buyers are from Eastern Europe, Germany, the Netherlands and also from our neighboring countries.

General Manager Esben Regevik in Mandal with a 2017 Chevrolet Corvette. The car costs more than 1 million kronor, but if it is exported outside the country, the foreign buyer gets 314,000 kroner back from the state treasury.

Photo: Mandal Bell

Calculations made by NRK with IRS calculation form for one-time tax reimbursement, It shows that many used cars for sale in Norway today can provide a one-time tax refund of over NOK 600,000.

– That’s right, says investment manager Robert Ness, who owns the electric car dealer Ecocar and is well versed in tax refund regulations.

– There are some limitations. The car must be newer than June 2014, after which you won’t be reimbursed in taxes for more than was paid for the car, he says.

Figures show that foreign car buyers or the person responsible for exporting the vehicle received an average refund of NOK 93,000 from the country.

Magnus Guldvog at in his Mercedes G63 AMG

The car in the picture is the Mercedes-AMG G63. Newer versions of this can generate hundreds of thousands of NOK tax refunds. This is a 2012 model and is therefore too old to have a tax refund. In principle, it can be exported from Norway without being registered at all.

Photo: Johan B

This is how recovery works

Also in Mandal, car dealer Espen Regevik, has many foreigners who buy used cars.

– Used cars are cheap in Norway now because of the weak currency, and we export a lot of cars out of the country. Regevik says we sell to Ukraine, Germany and several European countries.

NRK says the Chevrolet Corvette he’s pictured with will be NOK 300,000 cheaper for the buyer because of the one-time tax refund.

The reason for the possibility of a tax refund is the symmetry of the tax system; The tax that can be refunded corresponds to what the corresponding vehicle would have received in a one-off tax upon import into Norway on the same day.

It’s possible that far from all cars leaving Norway are registered as issued somewhere or at any time, not even with Autosys or the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, according to OFV.

The reason, among other things, is that Norway does not have an agreement with all countries regarding notes regarding a vehicle that is registered in another country.

At the time of writing, there are approximately 64,000 used cars for sale on, of which about 44,000 are fully or partially fossil-fuel-fueled (including hybrids).

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