These 31 emojis may come next year

Excerpts from draft emojis sent by Emojipedia for approval.

Among the emojis that may be available on Android and iOS next year are a trembling face, a pink heart, and a goose.

Emojis are among many possible symbols Unicode Consortium It will decide whether to include it in Emoji 15. This will only be decided in September this year, and the final expression of the emoji depends on what big companies like Google and Apple choose.

Of course, that didn’t stop Emojipedia – sort of the unofficial official overview page for all the emojis in the world – which for the eighth year in a row submitted its proposals for how a total of 31 emojis appeared to be evaluated.

Since each emoji is in the draft stage, it will be able to change its appearance before final approval. The list was completed by the Unicode Consortium, but according to emojipedia Even most of their previous drafts were pre-approved.

The new emojis are expected to be available next year.

Perhaps the most interesting emoji in the Emoji 15.0 list are the emoji related to animals, plants, and music. The latter is represented by the flute and maracas emojis, while the plant life gets its representatives by peas, ginger and turnip.

Maybe someone missed the donkey emoji? In this case, you might be in luck, because there is a donkey on the menu, along with elk, jellyfish and geese.

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In a familiar fashion, there are very different types of emoji being released as potential candidates for approval. We also find rarities such as wifi signal, comb, wings and hand fan.

But also emojis are two different kids – left and right – as motives, which of course also come in a number of different skin tones. In addition, we find a pair of hearts in different colors, and an animated face.

In previous years, there was talk of sending more emojis for approval. Emoji 14.0.2 Update It included 112 recommendations, while 13.0 And the 13.1 It contained a total of 334 recommendations.

This year, there are only 31 proposals.

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