iOS 16: – It’s good to wait

iOS 16: - It's good to wait

Every fall, Apple releases a new version of iOS, the iPhone operating system. This year it’s iOS 16’s turn, among other things with innovations on the lock screen, better handling of notifications, improvements around photo sharing, editing of sent iMessages, Recordings without password and more.

A few months before the official launch, a version will be released for developers first, so they can make the apps they’ve created ready for a new release. This developer version is constantly updated so that bugs and omissions can be eliminated, and when they begin to improve EnoughThe public is invited to try a demo version. It happened on Monday this week.

Thus, it is already possible to download the iOS 16 beta and try it out on your own phone. You can do this by visiting This Apple page And follow the instructions.

But you may have to wait a bit.

It may be unstable

Although it is tempting for many to try now, this is not something you do without risk.

It is therefore recommended that you do not try such a beta on a phone that you use in your daily work.

Beta versions are rarely flawless, and you should expect some machine debris in the form of apps that stop suddenly (or may never start), uneven battery consumption, involuntary restarts every now and then and the like.

Also, not all new features have been implemented yet. Sometimes they are not in place as the download is opened to everyone, but only updated after a few months.

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This was the case, for example, with the Shareplay feature released last fall, but it was Never before in iOS 15.1 update.

Banking apps rarely work

One thing to really note before downloading the iOS 16 beta is that banking-related apps rarely work with the beta software.

When their security features detect an unofficial version of iOS, they may suspect that the device has been tampered with, thus terminate the app immediately. There may also be parts of the code that are not compatible with the new version and thus cause an error.

With the current iOS 16 beta, for example, neither DNB nor BankID apps work, and may not work until iOS 16 is officially released. From experience, it is reasonable to assume that this applies to many other banking applications as well. It can be boring when you are on a vacation trip and you have to transfer money to a checking account.

Before you try the iOS 16 beta, you should at least backup your phone, either on your PC/Mac or on iCloud. There is an option to go back to iOS 15.5 if you want, but it requires you to connect your phone to a computer.

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