Did you know the iPhone 15 has this?

Did you know the iPhone 15 has this?

Thread is part of the Matter standard for smart home and Apple has already implemented this technology in its latest mobile phones.

Thread is a mesh network for low-power devices

We came across the news after a launch that focused on titanium, cameras and the new, fast A17 Pro chip. In fact, the iPhone 15 models are the first on the market with Thread, but so what He is string? As we explained last October regarding the launch of Matter:

“Wi-Fi enables Matter devices to interact over a high-bandwidth local network and allows smart home devices to communicate with the cloud,” explains the press release, which also reveals that Thread technology “provides an energy-efficient and highly reliable mesh network in the home.”

The Pixel 8 also gets

Mesh networks seamlessly connect network points like routers so that the devices they connect to don’t care which point they’re connected to, but where traditional mesh networks focus on laptops, TVs, cell phones and the like, any focus on the subject is low-power devices. Apple intends to take advantage of this technology, among other things, by integrating it into its own home application.

But what will Apple actually use the Tread for? We don’t know yet, The Verge wrote: “The Verge asked people at the event, and Apple doesn’t seem sure what Thread Radio will do yet.”

One possibility is that the iPhone could act as a hub for devices connected to Thread to give them access to the Internet so that gadgets can be controlled outside the home. It’s already been revealed that Google is working with Thread and the Pixel 8, which will be unveiled on October 4, will almost certainly have the chip that makes that possible.

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