Locket Widget: – Fucks to the top of the rolls

Locket Widget: - Fucks to the top of the rolls

After just two weeks on the App Store, Locket Widget has been downloaded by more than two million users, and the number is probably much higher now. According to German Omani Rial The app is downloaded 600,000 times a day.

The application is at the top of the US free list, and here in Norway it is also sped up at full speed – at the time of writing in eleventh place, slightly above Vipps and TikTok.

But what is now the Locket widget?

Pictures on the home screen

I made it as a gift for my girlfriend for her birthday last year, says creator Matt Moss Take Crunch.

Then the school sweetheart starts again, and to make the long-distance relationship a little easier, Moss created an app that is as simple as it is innovative: By taking photos with the Locket app and pressing send, the photo automatically appears directly on the recipient’s home screen, via the app-linked widget.

Moss quickly gained interest among friends and acquaintances and finally decided to make the app available to everyone via the App Store.

Well helped by over half a million views of his video on TikTok (and millions of views on videos from other users using the app), the app has appeared at the top of the lists.

Five friends max

The lock tool is free to download, but Moss has intentionally limited the number of friends you can have in the app, so that it doesn’t get too cumbersome. At the time of writing, the number is five.

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You end up with these huge social circles on apps — you have 1,000 friends on Instagram, or have to send snapshots back and forth with 100 friends — who are already claiming them, the website confirms. So he thinks there is a market for services that connect you only to a few others and make your phone more private.

Not that there was any recipe for success for a social network The track we wrote about in 2012. There you can have a maximum of 50 friends, so you have to choose carefully. The service was discontinued in 2018.

No filters and other fixes

To get started, you need to download widget application locks (App Store, Free). When you start it, you have to enter your phone number and confirm with a code that you receive via SMS, then the app requests access to your contact list to invite friends to use the app.

On the main screen, you can then place the corresponding widget, which will then be updated with a new photo each time one of your friends sends a photo.

The app is simply designed, you won’t find other filters or effects there. Photos cannot be uploaded from your Camera Roll, so all shared photos must be captured at this time. But you can at least refer to the history of sent and received photos.

No Android version – yet

If you search for Locket in the Google Play Store, you will already see counterfeit items, which you should probably stay away from. However, the Techcrunch creator says it plans to build an Android version of the app over time.

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The plans also include several widgets and a subscription model, without going into detail about what that would entail. Currently, the app is completely free to use.

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