Drops X Games before the Olympics – VG

Drops X Games before the Olympics - VG
Stay home: Burke Road was scheduled to go to the US and X Games on Tuesday, but he will remain in Norway to ward off covid-19 infection until the start of the Olympics in China. The photo is from the X Games in Hafjell two years ago, where he won the silver medal for free skating in the Big Air.

Norway’s Birke Rudd, a double Olympic gold medalist, fell out of the prestigious X Games competition in Aspen 21-23. January for fear of catching an infection on the flight to the US – and thus disqualification from the Beijing Winter Games.


– I have four X Games medals, but I don’t have an Olympic medal. That’s why I stay at home and train here so I don’t risk anything, says Burke Rudd (21) – aka TVNorge «71 degrees north. »

He hasn’t competed since then Won the race in the World Cup Finals on November 20. they have sto over Big Air-finalen i Steamboat i Colorado In early December after spraining his knee while warming up. He is the favorite and gold medalist in both pre-Olympic free skating exercises from February 4-20.

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When asked if he’s afraid of getting rust before his first Olympic competition, he answers “No,” skating every day. These days in Geilo, from Thursday in Oslo – before he goes to China on January 28. Qualification for the Big Air at the Olympics begins on February 7, and the men’s final begins on February 9.

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– He says it would be difficult to be at home, considering that the risk of contracting coronavirus would probably be lower if he had not had to interact with so many people in the past 10 days before the Norwegian charter flight took off from Gardermoen.

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Unlike taking a commercial flight to the US and having to meet a number of competitors and people at the popular ski resort in Colorado.

A week and a half ago, Friske sporting director Christopher Schach, national team coach Hermann Vallo-Orheim, national team skater Sebastian Schjerf and Olympic candidate Christian Nomidal were auditioned. Positive about the Mammoth World Cup in California.

Burke Rudd, who did not participate, confirms that he is not infected. did, however In front of the X Games in Aspen a year ago. If the infection is detected just before the Olympics, athletes, support staff and the media will be banned from entering China.

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– My plan was to travel to the X Games on the 18th (today). But then I thought about it and decided to stay home a few days ago. I did when I heard how strict it is when it comes to corona, in that you don’t enter the Olympics after that and that date if you get infected, says Burke Rudd.

The X Games end four days before they leave for China. Then it’s too late anyway, if that happens, he points out.

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Olympic Summit awarded six Norwegian Olympic tickets for free skating, after Tormod Frostad finished sixth The third and last Olympiad today: Burke Rudd, Ferdinand Dahl, Christian Nomidal, Sandra E, Johan Kelly and Frostad.

Johan Kelly, Ferdinand Dahl, Christian Nomidal are invited to the X Games in Aspen in three days. It’s also Sebastian Scherf.

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