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Christian Eriksen snakker ut etter hjertestansen.

– It would have been nice if so many would send greetings or flowers. There were many who were affected by it in their own way, and sent it to me and my family. Eriksen says I am very happy about it Doctor.

He says that doctors often came to him in Reichspitalt and told him that flowers and letters had arrived.

– It only helped that there were so many kind regards. So now people write to me, six months later, he says.

– People watched it on TV and cried in their living rooms or wherever they saw it and lived through it completely. After all, I’m lucky to be here today and can prove to them that, thank you for crying, but I’m here, says Eriksen.

I had a heart attack in court

In this summer’s European Football Championship, Eriksen was injured heart stop During the fight against Finland. The settlement took place at the house in Barken, Copenhagen.

Doctors stormed the scene and provided Eriksen with life-saving first aid in the field. Denmark’s top star was revived with defibrillators, and was hospitalized shortly thereafter.

Later that evening, it was confirmed that the condition was stable and Eriksen was fine under the circumstances. Later he had one surgery Pacemakers.

PROTECTED: His colleagues gathered in a circle around Christian Eriksen, who received treatment in the field.


In an interview with Radio Danmarks, he took the opportunity to thank everyone who made contact.

– I said thank you to everyone I met in person. The doctors, the players and the family, I was able to say it personally. But all the fans who sent a thousand letters, emails and flowers, everyone who came to me on the streets here in Italy and Denmark, I want to say thank you for the support they have given, not only in Denmark, but the whole world.

– They were incredibly fast

Eriksen now lives in Milan, where he previously played for Inter, and is doing well.

He has no doubt that all the help he received on the field in the crucial minutes right after the cardiac arrest is the reason for his survival.

– This is. I am grateful that they were so fast. First my colleagues who are running away. And then the national team doctors sat down and helped until someone with a pacemaker came along and helped my heart start over, Eriksen believes.

He will play the World Cup this fall

Now he wants to continue his career on the football field.

– I want to play football. There is no reason not to do this.

Eriksen says that although his heart has had many tests, no new problems have emerged. Therefore, he is clear about what he wants.

From the file: Euro 2020 - Group B - Denmark vs Finland

Will be back: Christian Eriksen wants to wear the Danish national team uniform again.

Photo: Hannah McKay/Reuters

The doctors said, “I’m fine.” Everything is stable, so it feels like a green light to play football again, says Eriksen.

Now the ambition is to return to the Danish national team uniform for the first time since a heart attack at the World Cup in Qatar this fall.

– My goal is to go to the World Cup. This is the attitude I’ve had the whole time. If I get taken out it’s something completely different, but the idea is the idea and the dream I can go back to.. I can go back, says Eriksen.

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