Foundations of practical life Founder Mai (10 years old) makes good money: – I didn't think it would take off like this

Foundations of practical life  Founder Mai (10 years old) makes good money: – I didn't think it would take off like this

(Northern lights) “For a Hard Life” was sung by children who had to bathe and toil in the orphanage in the musical “Annie.” Although it may be difficult, Mei Linde Stenersen (10) made this choice for herself.

-She has long wanted to make her own money. She hasn't done that yet, and now she's got a good life, says Father Erlind Stenersen with a laugh.

Mie began the process of filling bucket after bucket with loose sand. In these times when many people crash and fall on the soft ice, all their products are sold out.

– What did you say when you came on Friday? Father asks.

“Now I understand why you feel so tired when you come home from work,” she says.

Then I stayed for an hour and a half.

– Is it hard work?

-If I've had a great day, I don't feel tired, but I can feel a little tired.

It took off completely

It was Mai's grandfather who bought her first 27 buckets. He thought it would take a long time, but after two hours all the buckets were gone.

– I used the profit from the first buckets to buy new buckets. Father says: You got Sanda from me.

– At first I bought 47 buckets, then the stock ran out, so I bought 52 new buckets. Today we bought 60 buckets.

186 buckets of loose sand sold in 3 days.

– Before I started this, I had NOK 969 in my account.

– How much do you have now?

– It says: 10,200 Norwegian kroner.

-We have to talk to her a little because it may not be healthy to earn so much when they are so young. “But we didn’t think it would take off like it did,” the father says, laughing.

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Founding family

The proud father says he's arranged for May to run her “business,” but that's all the help she gets.

-If she has to make money, she should be doing this work.

– When you see what you have in your account now, is it okay to stand here?

“Yes,” she says and continues to fill the buckets to the brim.

-What do you plan to spend the money on?

-I intend to save a little until I grow up, so I can buy a driver's license. I also want to buy an iPad.

According to her father, Mai was born and raised in an entrepreneurial family. Grandfather, grandfather and father all worked in their own businesses.

– I think it's very funny that she wants to keep doing this.

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Don't leave school

– Many parents who buy a dog for their children often have to walk the dog themselves. Were you a little afraid that you were going to have to stand here with the shovel?

– Yes, that's why I was a little like that. If it's empty, it's empty. And it goes quickly. She didn't spend long hours on this.

– On the first day I swept for 1.5 hours. He received 2000 Norwegian kroner. On Saturday I was actually visiting a friend for the night, but I had to go home and get a little spa.

-How long does it take you to fill a bucket?

– I don't know, let's see, you say.

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After 30 seconds she said “like this” and another bucket was ready for sale.

-But you don't intend to drop out of school and focus fully on your new job?

– No, I didn't think about that, she says and laughs.

good timing

– How long do you think you'll do this?

“Until the ice melts, or people no longer need the loose sand,” she says.

-I told her it wouldn't always be the way it is now. The timing on Friday was very good. Maybe during the whole winter, there are a total of five weeks where she can sell a little, says the father.

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“But I will sell next winter too,” she adds.

-What do you do when summer comes?

– Then my father said I could join him in building the floating docks.

New job waiting

After removing the buckets faster than expected, the father says he had to read up on what his daughter is allowed to earn when she turns 10.

-As long as it's fun and doesn't affect school, it's legal. She gets a free card and has to report what she earns, but I will help her with that.

Now she will use the money to build a store and arrange the way for customers, says the father.

– When the week is over, the loose sand season will likely be over.

– Will you miss him?

– No, because I have a new job, she says and smiles.

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