June 8, 2023


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National team captain Holos loses toilet hockey - veterans pulled out - VG

National team captain Holos loses toilet hockey – veterans pulled out – VG

Captain: Jonas Holos, here from last year’s World Cup in Latvia, has been an increasingly important part of the Norwegian national team since joining in 2005.

Norwegian giant Jonas Holos, 34, has found himself having to throw in the towel ahead of the Ice Hockey World Cup in Finland. Knee problem has become the tongue on the scale.


This is what the longtime captain of the national team told VG.

It is known that he underwent surgery on his hand this month. He can handle that, but his knee is hanging.

– In addition to the fracture in my hand, I also took new pictures of the knee. There must be a peephole operation. There is a lot of cartilage left after a previous operation, so it gets compressed there. It’s not getting any better, so when I haven’t been training on the ice for three and a half weeks, I don’t think I have anything to contribute this time around, Holos explains.

Ostvolden has played 15 World Cups and three Olympics for Norway and thus became part of a famous list of veterans who stayed home during this year’s tournament. Patrick Thoresen (38), Alexandre Bonsaksen (35) fell to accompany. Instead, the three will be seen as studio experts at Viaplay during the tournament – along with their successful former national team coach, Roy Johansen.

Holos doesn’t think there will be any ‘crisis’, despite the big leak in the locker room.

– I really think it looks promising. They beat Slovakia on penalties yesterday (Thursday) and beat Sweden in the warm-up match. If you had asked me two years ago, I would have worried, but I’m not now. There are many who “hit” well.

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– It’s not the national team that pays the salaries in everyday life, so I have to use my head now to be able to continue my career a little longer.

After 14 seasons abroad, with experience from the NHL, Swiss league, German hockey and Sweden – the 34-year-old returns to his homeland in Norwegian ice hockey next season. With games for the parent club of Sparta.

– It will be a lot of fun. It’s a strong team, they showed this year by taking NM gold-medal-winning Stavanger Oilers to seven games (in the semi-finals). I hope you can help us take it a step further.

He challenged offers from abroad to return to Norway. The decisive factor in choosing the club was the good relationship with coach Siew Robert Nielsen, who was also assistant coach in the national team of Hulus.

– I know what I’m going to get. Suger is tough, with hard training – but he knows a little hockey.