Caitlyn Jenner: – Don’t talk to Kris Jenner anymore

Caitlyn Jenner: – Don’t talk to Kris Jenner anymore

Caitlyn Jenner talks in an interview about her relationship with her ex-wife and the children of the Kardashian family.


She refers to her relationship with Kris Jenner as “sad.”

-I never talked to Chris anymore.

“It’s sad because we’ve been through a lot,” she adds.

Multiple media, incl daily Mail And New York Postdiscusses Caitlyn Jenner’s interview on the British talk show This Morning.

If there is any contact with Chris, it will be passed through Caitlyn’s manager, as she explains further.

Closer to the kids on Jenner’s side

In 2015, Chris and Caitlyn, then Bruce, broke up, and shortly after that Caitlyn announced that she was a transgender woman. Jenner has been stepfather to the Kardashian children for nearly 25 years. With Kris she has two daughters: Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

She also has four children from a previous relationship. Burt, Brandon, Cassandra and Brody.

In the interview, Jenner also talked about being closer to the children than Jenner.

– When you have as many children as I do, you are closer to some than others… But of course I see them and we do this and that, and you continue.

Jenner has previously stated that the relationship with her stepchildren was difficult after she came out with her autobiography, in the time following her divorce from Kris and the gender transition she went through.

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Daughter Kylie: Struggle with the father’s gender change

In the interview, Kaitlyn also talked about the first time she met Chris.

-I’ve been single for six years and I’ve been struggling with myself and how to fit into the world.

She adds:

-I met Chris on a blind date and we hit the spot from day one. Was it love at first sight? Very close, yes. I was completely impressed with her and how she lived her life. She had four children, I had four children…and we got married five and a half months later. It went so fast!

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