This didn’t take much

This didn’t take much

Shortly after the launch of Windows 11’s CoPilot AI, which can also control parts of the operating system, ads started appearing.

The ad came out quickly, but is it safe?

So, it’s about Windows 11 with its own interface, not Bing Chat on the web, which has had ads for a long time. There appear to be Bing ads filling the interface in the app as well. An example is advertisements for several notebook computers with an associated image – standard layout.

In Norway, the software must be activated manually, and artificial intelligence is part of the Moment 4 update.

“Windows users who have the preview update installed may see ads when interacting with Copilot. Asking Copilot about the best gaming laptops results in five suggestions, similar to what Bing Chat would offer, and ads at the end of the output,” Ghacks reports, which notes However, not all responses also include ads. CoPilot also requires an Internet connection in all situations, including performing local tasks such as enabling Night Mode.

Many people have negative opinions about advertising in a product they paid for, and they don’t like that an interface that could contain personal information also displays ads. Others believe that there is a basis for displaying ads to generate income, and that it is okay as long as the ad is relevant. Gax points out, correctly, that it’s risky to put up ads this way if they’re the same ones that appear in Bing Chat: the top score could be downright dangerous.

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