Jaliman High School News | Girls more than ever make unconventional choices in high school

Jaliman High School News |  Girls more than ever make unconventional choices in high school

We certainly see a tendency for more girls to apply to education programs where there was a very large percentage of boys.

This is what the principal of Glemmen High School, Pål Andre Ramberg, told Fredrikstad Blad.

Fifty-two percent of them applied for vocational subjects

Nationwide, 52 percent of students have advanced in vocational subjects at VG1. The Ministry of Education writes it in press release.

The percentage of girls who chose construction engineering, technology and industrial materials at VG1 is a record high this year.

In 2013, just under five percent of students in construction and civil engineering were girls, while just over twelve percent of students in technical and industrial subjects were girls. The proportion of girls this year was eleven and 18 percent, respectively. There have been no more girls applying to these programs than this year.

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Positive trends in Glemmen

Statistics in Fredrikstad are also rising.

Last year, only 2 percent of students in electrical and computer technology were girls, while 8 percent of students in technical and industrial (TIF) subjects were girls. In information technology and media production, 10 percent of students were girls.

But this year the percentage of girls was eight, 22 and 13 percent, respectively.

The percentage of girls in TIF in the next school year is a record high, says Ramberg Satisfied.

much expected

Assistant Director Katherine Monsen claims that these are highly expected numbers – with good support from Ramberg.

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– It’s a very interesting number. For me, girls and technology are close to my heart, so I can only say that this is very positive, says Monsen.

At Glemmen High School, the gender balance is around 50-50 between girls and boys, but Ramberg stresses that this is not the case in some classrooms.

We have many fields of study that focus heavily on girls, and many of them are heavily geared towards boys. So it is believed that in many seasons the gender balance is very skewed.

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Conscious Recruitment

– What do you think is the reason why we see this trend now?

I think it’s a bit broken. At the same time, perhaps due to national investment targeting girls and technology, Monsen answers – and adds:

– Perhaps our recruitment contributed too. We had our own local education fair last year and used the girls in our booth. Then maybe some other questions will be asked to other girls who are not sure.

The school deliberately employed girls in its work with conscription. Ramberg could also say that they see the tendency as also applicable to the other direction.

– We note that more and more boys are choosing trends, which for many years have had the largest percentage of girls. It’s also very interesting to us, Ramberg says.

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A large number of applicants

The number of applicants at Glemmen High School is so high that the school felt compelled to create additional classes.

Ramberg says applicant numbers are spread across the board, but highlights two lines that were particularly popular among applicants.

– ICT and media production received three times as many first-choice applicants as there were originally places, while the number of applicants in health and education was twice as many first-choice applicants, he says.

good job opportunities

Local industrial companies have always wanted more skilled workers. Now the students also seem to realize that there are good job opportunities in this field.

– TIF is a popular topic. This year we had 90 places in VG1, but the industry needs more than we can teach, concludes Ramberg.

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