​​​​​​​ – You feel uncomfortable – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

​​​​​​​ – You feel uncomfortable – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

For stars like Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox, the “wet look” is frequently used on the red carpet.

But for Aston Villa’s players, a wet and sticky appearance will be a big problem.

According to sources for both BBC And TelegraphAston Villa’s men’s and women’s players will be very unhappy with the new kits, which visibly change color during the match.

The coach expresses his concern

This frustration was confirmed when the women’s coach, Carla Ward, took questions from the BBC about the kits ahead of the start of the season at home against Manchester United on Sunday.

She says male players have “the same fears” as male players.

Women's Super League - Aston Villa vs. Manchester United

Concern: Aston Villa manager Carla Ward.

Photograph: Ed Sykes/Reuters

– I think this (problem) was highlighted in the pre-season for the men’s team and was supported by the women. “For my part, this is something the club and Castor have to figure out,” says Ward.

The same match against Manchester United even with a 1-2 loss. A ticket for Sunday’s match shows Aston Villa playing in similar kit to the men’s team. And you can see that the suit was already wet before the rain started.

The players used the disputed kit, although they should have been given the opportunity to use an alternative. Write the mirror.

-We wanted to use the home kit. It’s the first game of the season, so you want to wear the home kit, says captain Rachel Corsi, who confirms that the club has been supportive and they are working on a solution.

-You feel uncomfortable

These kits made headlines in Britain last week, and football commentator Jackie Uttley was among those who reacted strongly.

– Has anyone thought about how Aston Villa players would feel with these stickers? “wet look”– Shirts?, I asked x/twitter.

The commentator claims to have sources saying players were looking forward to the start of the season because of the uniforms.

They have four television matches ahead of them. “Normally they enjoy these games and look forward to them, but they actually dread them because they are very aware of how they will look in this wet, sticky kit – for obvious reasons,” Ottley told the BBC last week. .

Elise Thorsness, NRK expert

NRK expert: Elise Thorsnes.

Photo: Jula Marie Naglestad/NRK

Elise Thorsness, NRK’s ​​soccer expert, understands the frustration all too well.

– The suit emphasizes the shapes and means that the focus of the audience and others is on something completely different from the performance on the field, says Thorsnes and continues:

The same is the case with white shorts, where you feel uncomfortable while playing, which in turn may lead to poor performance.

In recent seasons, many women’s teams have replaced white pants because they can create challenges during menstruation.

The suit manufacturer is working to solve the problem

In addition to the appearance issue, men’s players complained that the suit affected their performance by making them “heavy” and “uncomfortable.”

NRK tried to get a comment from Aston Villa, to no avail. Suit manufacturer Castor tells The Telegraph they are taking the matter seriously.

– We are working in cooperation with the club to solve the problem as quickly as possible in order to meet the standards we expect. “We would like to thank the club for their patience and support so far,” says a club spokesperson.

Hovland with one hole – images courtesy of Viaplay

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