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Warholm og Iuel

He was well deserved after so much bullshit this year. It was very well deserved that he took this gold, Amali Ewell says.

She had just finished fifth in the final, and was quickly out on the track to give Karsten Warholm a real golden hug. Iuel saw firsthand how difficult it was for his teammate after him He was injured in the season opener in June.

The 28-year-old has also seen changes.

He was angry. I’ve seen that something has happened to him in the past few months and weeks. He was eager for revenge and raised the training a few points. He worked really hard to get revenge, Iuel reveals.

Warholm laughs when the answer is conveyed.

She doesn’t think I’m crazy, I hope? Obviously I knew that. But I decided that if it was a victory today, I would focus on it, and put it behind me because “what has happened is done and what is eaten”, as the last European champion says.

Claim after the toilet

He reached the restroom, screaming in distress, and made it to the final. There he became a world record holder “Just” The number seven. The coach confirmed that it was amazing.

RAKK WC: Carsten Warholm reached the World Cup final, but only finished seventh.

Photo: John Olaf Nessfold/Bildberon

Yet WC was prompting. He did not get the result we were hoping for. With this kind of injury, getting started was very difficult. He did really well for 280 metres, and then reality hit us. Then you get a reminder that’s why you’re training, says Leif Olaf Alnes.

He gradually trained more and more. Alness has allowed himself to be affected by how a student deals with adversity—in fact for the first time.

Perhaps I was a bit quick to be productive when we were in lace and only gave him a two hour break. I was a little excited. He did well and was very loyal to the scheme, he praised, adding that this season may have made Warholm hungrier than he was after the Olympic gold medal.

– It’s a little weird

Because even though he’s won everything to win before that gold medal in EC, both that and the championship record have been very important this season.

European Championship 2022, Day 9, Athletics

Said: Karsten Warholm took a victory lap around the field.


I think a lot about my team. They’ve been with me when it’s no fun. Warholm says that sport isn’t always as magical as it might seem.

You sit alone in an often empty hotel room and spend a lot of time talking about how to run a lap over ten hurdles. It’s a little weird, and sometimes it’s a little weird to think that’s your passion, he continues.

Alnis and Warholm

Proud: Liv Olaf Allen has been impressed by the students’ efforts this season.

Photo: Javad Parsa / NTB

Because right now he doesn’t want to think about the painful moments in the past two months or so.

Today, I feel like I enjoy this medal the most. I’m also learning not to take it for granted. You have to enjoy it and a little. This means a lot today.

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