– We want the room to look like a big house party

- We want the room to look like a big house party

management. The gang behind Romme is ready to open on Saturday. Despite their young age, they have a great deal of experience in Bergen’s cultural life. Back from left: Gaukur Grétuson, Ingebrigt Ryland Røyrane, Gabriel Nystad Muñoz. Front from left: Tuxen Mustad, Liam Østvik, Matthias Bjørgo, Lars Svendsgård and Isak Teigland.

Posted: August 19 15:03 2022 – Last updated August 19 15:05 2022

Despite their young age, the boys behind Rommet put their feet in a good place in Bergen’s cultural life. Among others, Rommet’s project manager, Ingebrigt Ryland Røyrane (26), is known to many by both the Hester V75 and the Vibbefanger. Halvøyen was organized by Liam Østvik (19), Isak Teigland (21), Matthias Bjørgo (20) and Lars Svendsgård (21) in Verftet.

– After all, we went on some skirmishes with Halvøyen, from which we learned a lot. Experience comes in handy, Ostvik says.

With this experience, combined with “total freedom” and seeing “only good vibes”, they want to create a nightclub that feels like home.

Or a house party, more specifically.

Project manager. Ingebrigt Ryland Røyrane (26 years old) is for many well known Bergen artists. Now he is also a new project manager.
– a little bit of time

Project Manager Røyrane (26), is truly Student at Bergen School of Architecture (BAS). Currently on second year vacation.

– The plan is to continue next year, but I’m simply very concerned.

Everyone involved in Rommet was previously associated with Kulturhuset. He is the owner of Kulturhuset, Joar Nicolaysen Høvik, who also officially owns the Rommet Buildings, he told Bergen newspaper. But the boys got complete freedom in the design of the bar.

– I designed the place, while Liam created the logo. Everyone contributes different things, says Roiran.

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– When we took over the building, it was filthy here, so we did a lot with the place, adds Ostvik.

In addition to Røyrane, there are several team members who are students. Matthias Bjørgo has just started studying Christianity, religion, outlook on life and ethics at NLA University College. The goal is to work a little bit as a side swing. Tuxen Mustad (24) is also a former economics student. Now he stops his studies and works in the pub instead.

– How was the room development and studies combined?

– No, there was little time then. But he made it easier that work was always fun.

rest time. Tuxen Mustad (24) is taking a break from his studies, and instead works at Rommet’s pub. Here in conversation with Gaukur Gretuson (28).
Combines music and bar life

Among the Icelandic team members is Gaukur Grétuson (28), better known by the stage name GKR. When he moved to Bergen, he already knew the city’s music scene.

– I needed to change my environment and do new things. Then it was Bergen.

Now he combines his career with Romit. The previous acquaintances that the boys made through the music scene will come in handy now.

Big plans. Liam Østvik (19) (tv) and Gaukur Grétuson have big plans for Rommet.

– We already know a lot. We were a little slow in planning the opening, but our network helped us, so everything will be fine, Roran says with a smile on his face.

The point of the bar is to create a place, or a room if you like, where everyone feels welcome. Nothing should be assumed, everything should happen naturally, as they say.

There shouldn’t be a regular concert every Friday just because it’s Friday. Everything has to be real here, says Gretson.

get close. The opening is fast approaching, and everyone is helping to set up the bar.

We want the room to look like a big house party. If you are tired of dancing in the living room, you can always go to the kitchen. or in the bedroom. People should be able to meet outside and feel that this is their space.

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He himself had never been a project manager before, and he was surprised by the number of people involved in the bar.

– You have to have fire protection, new pipes, and everything is really possible. There are many participating companies.

Everyone is excited about the upcoming daily life.

– Now when you start, Roiran says.



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