Jacob, Henrik and Philip Ingbrigtsen bought Sr. Geert Ingbrigtsen from the family business

Jacob, Henrik and Philip Ingbrigtsen bought Sr. Geert Ingbrigtsen from the family business

In 2015, Run Fast AS was established by the Ingebrigtsen family. Until this fall, Jacob, Henrik, Philip and Geert Ingbrigtsen were the 25 percent stake holders.

But in September, the sons agreed with Gjert Ingebrigtsen to buy his stake in the family business. Thus, Henrik, Filip and Jakob are left alone at the owner’s side with a third of the shares each.

It is not known how much they will pay to take over the family business.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen says the acquisition came as a natural consequence of the fact that they parted sportingly.

– Since our separation from Gjert at the beginning of the year, we have said that the most important thing for us now is to take control of our sporting and financial future, Henrik Ingebrigtsen tells TV 2.

tightly woven

Run Fast AS was a joint venture bringing together several joint sponsorship agreements for Team Ingebrigtsen. Income from the athletics federation for the day-to-day running of the sports project also went through the company.

– Our joint company has been central to our sports enterprise from day to day. So it’s only natural that if someone isn’t on the team, they won’t be in the company either. Henrik Ingebrigtsen explains that it only comes down to the things we agreed on from the start.

Gjert Ingebrigtsen also emphasizes the agreement, but doesn’t feel like he’s expanding on the specifics of the inner family business.

“This is an internal family matter that I don’t want to comment on,” Geert Ingbrigtsen wrote in a text message to TV 2.

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The company has strong financial resources, and Gjert Ingebrigtsen has not received a salary despite being listed as General Manager.

As understood by TV 2, the odd years have earned dividends, which are divided equally among the four owners.

In 2021, Run Fast AS generated an annual profit of just under NOK 1.5 million.

In 2020, the trading volume was up to 7.1 million.

– Eliminates potential noise

For the brothers, it was important to clean up everything that could have been a seed for misunderstanding and disagreements now that Father Geert Ingbrigtsen was no longer part of the athletic apparatus.

How important is this to you so that you can move forward?

– It’s good to put this behind us. Because all of these things can steal some energy and become background noise. But now that’s okay, so hopefully we won’t have to manage it too much in the next few years.

On Tuesday, it became clear that Henrik Ingebrigtsen will practically take over the coordinating role that Gjert Ingebrigtsen has played with the athletics federation in recent years. It also became the Ingebrigtsen brothers’ point of contact for both the media and sponsors.

– good start

The brothers also hope that the acquisition of the company will lead to more peace within the family.

– Geert said in several interviews that he hopes that the father-son relationship with you will develop over time. Could this contribute in any way?

– Anyway, it’s a step in the right direction, says Henrik.

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