Stefan Strandberg, Robin Gabrielsen | Gabrielsen defends Strandberg: – I think this is ugly

Stefan Strandberg, Robin Gabrielsen |  Gabrielsen defends Strandberg: – I think this is ugly

Watch what Strandberg thinks is behind all the excitement in the video window above!

Lilleström (Nitavisen): The Valerenga goalkeeper has at times received intense attention in social media and by the ‘man on the street’ for being a permanent part of Stal Solbakken’s defense in the Norwegian national team.

After the setback against Lillestrom in Åråsen on Sunday, the VIF goalkeeper received an unexpected boost from LSK Bauta’s Ruben Gabrielsen.

The topic comes after Gabrielsen spoke about “hating football”. Which has become a current topic after Kanarvansen showed, among other things, an inappropriate banner targeting former coach Jere Bakke in a rival match.

– We must not forget that this is hatred for football. We don’t mean that literally and I’ve tried to point that out many times. Personally, I think it’s inside because it’s football and people have to understand that,” Gabrielsen clearly told Netavisen.

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– I think this is ugly

The 31-year-old has been clear on several occasions about his strained relationship with Valerenga.

“People will probably say I’m a fool for saying this, but I make a big difference between football and the rest,” he says and points to Strandberg, who is standing next to Gabrielsen in the press box.

– As is the case with me and Stefan. When we play against each other, there are fewer people I’d like to include more than him. Then there is the hate, but for now I wish him all the best for the future. We talked during the match and we talked after the match. I wish him all the best and encourage him. During the 90 minutes, I don’t have anything good to say about Stefan.

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The conversation then turns to how Strandberg is referred to among Norwegian football fans. National team manager Ståle Solbakken himself was clear on the subject in September.

– It’s also something for Strandberg, because he plays in Norway. There are many people who see it in everyday life and have many strong opinions about it. In some matches, he was in positions that were not his strength. He received criticism for that, and justified criticism, but then it became completely exaggerated, this is what Solbakin said before continuing:

-There will never be any populist team choices. There will be no social media polls.

Gabrielsen has clear opinions on this issue.

– I’m not there (in a note from social media editor), but I realized (that Strandberg receives a lot of criticism) and I think it’s ugly, he told Netafsen.

-Say something about Stefan if you say something like that

Strandberg himself says that he also picked up some of what was written and said about him.

-I brought it with me. Fortunately, I don’t have much and I’m not active on social media, but I’ve heard there are some things, but it’s a bit like when you play in Norway, Strandberg tells Netafsen.

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He believes things are further enhanced by the fact that he is playing at home to Elitseren, especially for a club team struggling with adversity.

– I think no one said a word when I played in Italy and after that I did not play a single match from November to June and had two operations. I also came back and actually performed as I did in the national team for the last time. Four years he says and continues:

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– But then you play somewhere else and there’s not as much emotion. It’s a bit like that when you play in Norway and I’m OK with that.

– I personally know very well what I have done in the national team and my achievements, so probably most of them are people who do not have much knowledge of what we do in the national team, and what I contribute there, and then there is probably a bit of envy in the picture as well.

Gabrielsen himself has been part of the national team on several occasions.

– Now I am a member of the national team as a “mascot”. I have watched Stefan in the national team and I know how important he is to the national team. I, who was inside those walls, know how important he was and still is. He is a pioneering voice, a wonderful leader, and, not least, a wonderful person. He makes people become much better and safer around him,” Gabrielsen tells Nettavisen.

– I don’t think I deserve that, he says clearly about the criticism the centre-back has been subjected to.

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– Not all of them are equally good at football

The LSK goalkeeper clearly has a dream of joining the national team. However, he is generous in mentioning his fellow goalkeeper who plays for his rival in the club.

– Of course I want to play in the national team too, it’s always been a dream, but he’s probably a more suitable guy than me and it says something about Stefan if you say something like that.

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Strandberg, who himself became a father the night before LSK’s 2-0 defeat, appreciates what Gabrielsen has to say.

– It’s very nice of Robin to say that. After all, he has visited the national team several times and may have gained an insight into how things work from the inside. Robin is an up-and-coming guy who I have the utmost respect for and who has had a very good career.

– As you see what he is doing today, he is clearly the best player in the match in my opinion. It’s good that he said that knowing that I have great respect for him as a player, but also as a person. He’s a great guy on and off the field.

Strandberg agrees that one of his best qualities is making his teammates perform better.

– Perhaps it is my most important contribution to the national team, but it is not measured by numbers and statistics. He concludes that of course, those who report some things cannot do so, not all of them have the same amount of knowledge about football like this and what it takes in a team and in a team to make it work as well as possible. .

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