Towards NRK: – The dirty game

Towards NRK: – The dirty game

GRANÅSEN (Dagbladet): Ahead of this weekend’s World Cup finals in Trondheim, NRK has revealed it will test new television technologies.

One desire was for television viewers to get closer to the athletes. This was done, among other things, by NRK placing a microphone over the athletes before they had to choose their heat in the Friday sprint.

Trondheim: Several Swedish cross-country skiers interact with the audience during a speed race on the trial water course. Video: NRK, Harstad/Løkås/Olsen/TV-sporten
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The aim was to capture the talk of tactics and give viewers a new dimension.

It didn’t sit well with everyone. The reaction of some Swedish women was:

– It hung and dangled above us. They’re probably eavesdropping on our tactical conversation. It seemed like the whole world wanted to know what we were thinking. We should start speaking in codes, so that no one understands what we are saying, says Lene Svehn to Dagbladet.

The Swedish women had gathered in a group, and when the microphone came up, Mo Ellar looked at it mysteriously, before trying to move her teammates away from the microphone.

Huddled in a group: Swedish women talking together before heat selection when the microphone appeared. Photo: Thomas Harstad/Dagbladet
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– We didn’t want people to hear too many tactics. We want that for ourselves. “I wasn’t happy about the microphone coming,” Eilar tells Dagbladet.

– How was your reaction?

– We sighed and wondered why he should be there. That’s just how things are. It’s probably part of the sport, but sometimes I feel like they might get close.

Replies: Moa Ilar, here from a previous occasion.  Image: NTP

Replies: Moa Ilar, here from a previous occasion. Image: NTP
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Frida Karlsson handles the NRK trial more calmly than Ilar:

– I don’t think it’s that important, but some people on the team wanted us to take action. She explains that it is foolish to reveal all our secrets.

Maja Dahlqvist believes Swedish athletes should consider code-speaking to confuse rivals:

– I only found out now, but if they did it to eavesdrop, I think it’s a rather dirty game. says Maja Dahlqvist.

– I think the idea is that they want to let the viewers hear a little bit about what the athletes are thinking, but maybe you were the ones who were most interested there?

– Yes, I understand that. That’s usually the case, Dahlqvist says and laughs.

On the Norwegian side, the innovation was treated with overwhelming calm:

– They have this in handball, and there are not many tactics towards heat selection. “Things are going well,” Pal Gullberg tells Dagbladet.

Zero Problem: According to Pal Golberg.  Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB

Zero Problem: According to Pal Golberg. Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB
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Arild Monsen nodded in agreement:

-We have to bear it. He says it’s just fun.

Finest: Johannes Hosflot Klaebo wreaked havoc on opponents at home. Video: NRK
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Dagbladet spoke to NRK’s ​​toilet project manager, Jan Frederiksen, on Friday afternoon. She thinks it’s great that athletes discuss grip:

Our goal is for viewers to come closer. We’re trying a number of new moves in the experimental water cycle, to see if we can make it more interesting for the audience. We believe that audio is one way to do this. Imagine how interesting it would have been to hear what the Swedish athletes talked about, and then we could hear a little from the Norwegians too, explains Frederiksen to Dagbladet.

-What do you think about discussing it this way?

– Maybe it’s not unexpected. Everything new is a little scary. I hope they are open to this and understand that the goal is to build their sport.

  • On Saturday, there is a 20km ski exchange for men and women in Granassen. On Sunday there is a 10km classic race. The races are broadcast on NRK.
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